Welcome to arcform!  Founded in July 2020 by Steve and Jen Hughes, arcform was launched from a passion to create modern British lighting. It is both designed and handcrafted by us. Steve has worked at some of the most iconic British engineering businesses over the years. A journey that has taken him from £1m supercars to tractors and electric cars with supersonic energy storage. All of which were precision engineered. And all manufactured in the UK. But deep down we have a passion for interiors and product design. Arcform combines this passion for product design fusing it with precision engineering and handcrafted production.


Simplicity is the ultimate luxury. We are on a mission to create effortless products. With clean lines. Free of unnecessary detail. We couple Beautiful materials with a restrained palette of finishes. And have a passion for beautiful flowing designs that are not only do we engineer but also make them by hand and with meticulous attention to detail too.

Also key to us is that simplicity extends to the installing of all our lighting too.  We design our lights with the installation process in mind.  All our pendant lights come with simple to use snap fittings which allows you to wire them in with ease.  And with this in mind the design of the pendant lights also ensures that you only need one person to hang them too.


Our philosophy is to create effortless, flowing, curved products. Products which are handcrafted by us from basic forms using simple processes. All of our lights are designed by us and made to order in our UK workshop using traditional processes of metal forming, folding, burnishing and polishing.

Our debut #03 pendant light is simplicity embodied. A single copper, brass or steel strip that starts life flat and rectangular before we hand-roll it into an elegant pendant light with a curve and form like no other. All whist working by hand through each stage of the process paying meticulous attention to detail.


We make all our products her in the UK. In fact we strive to minimise our environmental footprint altogether. Here is the UK we import 90% of what we consume product wise. As a result shipping products all around the world has a huge environmental cost. For instance, the average consumer product travels 2,300 miles by plane, sea and road. And with every mile adding a cost to the environment. We are based in Warwickshire, the centre of England and our average shipping distance is less than 100 miles. In addition, all of our packaging is also 100% recyclable or re-useable too.


Beautiful British lighting, designed to complement & complete your home.


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