10 Of The Very Best

The Best Christmas Baubles Of 2020

Stand Back And Admire Your Christmas Tree

This post contains affiliate links. There’s something about baubles isn’t there. They become so very dear to us. Maybe it’s because we pack them away for a year at a time. Letting them reside in a dark loft or cellar. And as we unwrap them the following year it’s like welcoming back old friends. Each one comes with memories attached to it. You remember the Christmas that you bought it. And our hearts flood with joy or sometimes sadness for a lost one that is no longer with us. To me Christmas is magical, I never really grew out of the excitement a four year old feels. And the humble bauble to me is so much more. So I thought I’d share the best Christmas baubles of 2020 with you. The really special ones if like me you like to add to your collection every year. Continue Reading…

10 Of The Very Best

10 Of The Best Brass Bathroom Lights

10 Of The Best Bathroom Lights

Yes so I know this is a post about bathroom lights and that there is a kitchen in the image above but bear with me and I will explain all. You see I have been on a mission to find affordable lights for my kitchen for what feels like an age. And then I finally found a pair that made my heart beat faster than well a very fast thing. Not only that but they were within my budget too especially as kindly gifted one of them to me. The Brass Opal Disc Ceiling Light are perfect for my kitchen. The thing I didn’t realise though, is that it they also IP44 rated which makes it suitable for bathrooms. This really set my heart a flutter because well bathroom lights have always been a bit meh haven’t they. And so inspired by these lights I thought I would give you my guide to 10 of the best brass bathroom lights currently out there. Continue Reading…

Interior Design, My Dining Room

Dreaming Of A New Dining Room With Juliettes Interiors


This post is sponsored by Juliettes Interiors. As we hurtle head first into Autumn it got me thinking. Just what am I going to do to keep myself busy over the colder months. I certainly don’t have enough DIY tasks to keep me busy for the next 6 months that’s for sure or the budget if I’m honest. And then an email from Juliettes Interiors dropped into my inbox presenting me with a design challenge to create a dining room mood board. Well obviously I’m up for that. In fact I might make it a regular feature as the winter months stretch out in front of us. And so today I find myself dreaming of a new dining room with Juliettes Interiors Continue Reading…

How To's, Outside Spaces

DIY Gold Leaf Planters

After Spending what felt like months improving the kerb appeal of the front of the house it’s time to start on the back. The dreaded area that is my back garden. Now I have always said that I would never share my back garden. To say it needs tending is rather an under statement. I mean I have dandelions and bare patches of earth where there should be a lawn. I have more dandelions a plenty coming up through the patio. Three outhouses and a lean to that are falling down. And a back door hanging off! So rather than feeling overwhelmed I have broken the garden down into areas and with a make do and mend attitude I am making a start. And to add a bit of RFW magic I’m adding some DIY Gold Leaf Planters. Continue Reading…

DIY, Outside Spaces

How To Make A Cheap Easy DIY Garden Bench

How To Make A Cheap Easy DIY Garden Bench

My garden as you know, needs tending. And that’s an understatement! Having spent almost 10 weeks working on the front of the house at the start of lockdown it’s time to tackle the inevitable that is our back garden. It can no longer be ignored. But with such a dump to transform at first I didn’t know where to start. I was overwhelmed. And so I started with the smallest area there was. A tiny patio area by the outside tap. With a plan in my head to re create a street cafe vibe in Naples. Ever on a budget and with garden furniture being rarer that rocking horse sh*t I decided it needed a pair of benches. I mean how hard can it be to make them? Turns out it’s relatively easy, so here’s an easy DIY on how to make a cheap but stylish Garden Bench. Continue Reading…