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The She Shed Reveal

The Shed Shed Reveal

This post contains PR products. Here it is folks. Formally known as ‘The Outhouse’ (how very Prince of me), the ‘She Shed’ reveal is here! This space is proof that you don’t need pots of cash to make a difference to your home. Thinking outside the box. Using secondhanded marketplaces. And a little ingenuity can result in as good, if not better results. With this makeover I’ve I used what I have wherever possible. Finishing up old pots of paint, doing the work myself and shopping my home . So without further ado, here it is. Continue Reading…


RFW Loves Garden Glory

RFW Loves Garden Glory

This post contains PR products. Gardening! A super human power that only a few possess. Maybe you’re the Super Man of sunflower growing! Or the Wonder Woman of  wisteria! Or perhaps your more of a Deadpool, a bit of a rebel planter and grower. I however fit none of these descriptions. I am the average Joe or Joanna for that matter. Gardening does not come easy to me. I have no idea where to start and I certainly was not born with green fingers. To me, it’s a dark art. In truth gardening for me was a chore! That is until I discovered Garden Glory, read on to find out why RFW loves it so much! And why it get’s my stamp of approval. Continue Reading…

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What Shade of grey paint should I use

Grey Kitchen

This post contains affiliate links. One of the questions I get asked most of all is does your house feel dark? The answer is not at all. And the second question is what shade of grey paint should I use? And although the first question is an easy one to ask. The second is all together rather more complicated. And so I thought what better subject to devote a blog post to. Grey is a much more complicated colour than many others. And technically I’m not sure you can truly classify it as a colour. To term it correctly it is either a shade of black. Or a tone of white. But then that gets overly complicated too so lets for ease call it a colour for this post.  Continue Reading…

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Stencilling a Floor With Cricut

Cricut Explore Air 2 - Raspberry Flavoured Windows

This post is sponsored by Cricut. As part of my ‘Outhouse’ (henceforth known as the She Shed) makeover I knew that the final piece of the jigsaw that is the design was the floor. But what to do with it?? It’s made up of two different slabs of concrete. One newer and smooth. The other old and pitted. And where the two meet there’s a crack that runs the length of the room. The ideal answer would be tiling. But A. The floor isn’t level and so would require small tiles or digging down and levelling. And B. This is a budget makeover. There’s no money for tiles. So when Cricut got in touch with me I jumped at the chance to try the Explore Air 2 to make a floor stencil. And as it turns out stencilling a floor with Cricut is incredibly easy to do. Continue Reading…