Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring

Starting and growing a product based business in the interiors world can be tough at times. We’ve all heard the saying that we learn from our mistakes. But if those mistakes are costly it could have a hugely negative effect on your fledgling company. It’s great that you have the enthusiasm to make that step to go it alone but quickly it becomes apparent that you need to know far more than you initially thought. From PR to Marketing to buying your stock and creating a website. Then there’s keeping accounts, actually finding some customers, distribution and social media to think about too. The list can be daunting and that’s before you’ve even started to earn a wage. That’s where business mentoring comes in.


With over 15 years of experience running an online company I took an idea and ran with it. An idea in my head that I grew and developed and at its height turned over 1.2 million a year. I know what works and what doesn’t. I also understand how a good day results in a happy dance and a bad one can be hard to bounce back from. With no agenda other than wanting to share my knowledge with you I’m here to help your business grow. Like an extra member of your team, I’m always there when you need me.

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my skills and experience

Starting and running a successful furniture brand for 15 years with an annual turnover of £1.2 million

An understanding of product design, production and distribution

Importing and manufacturing abroad

Creating a customer centric business

A knowledge of Magento, WordPress and Photoshop

Arranging and styling photo shoots

Back office organisation and accounting

Social Media Management and how to implement a social strategy that works across multiple platforms

PR and Marketing your brand

Website SEO and Ranking your business on Google

Working With Influencers

Real world actual experience


what you will get from business mentoring with me

Clarity and Focus

Help with setting goals and tasks and fulfilling those in a timely manner

Creating a plan of action

Help with brainstorming ideas

Seeing the bigger picture


Advice born from knowledge and experience


what you won’t get

Smoke blown up your arse

Manifestation techniques

A hard sell

Promises I can’t keep


An echo chamber

Just a pretty face


You need Business Mentoring if you want to be better tomorrow than you are today. Flexible in my approach, I will challenge you, be your sounding board, share ideas and help you to step back from your business and truly evaluate it. Most importantly I’ll create a vision with you to help you achieve big leaps forwards towards putting your business on the map.


Are you worrying about what to focus on first? Do you have a great product but you’re not reaching your target audience? Or are you selling but not actually making any money?  Are you struggling with Pinterest or Instagram? Or feeling overwhelmed by just how much multi tasking it takes? Well I know how it feels trying to keep all those balls in the air all at the same time given that I’ve been there.


So if you’re a small interiors business owner hungry to grow whilst juggling it all I am here for you. Whether you need a daily chat, a catch up once a week or something altogether more specific and tailored to you then please do Contact Me. Or pop me over an email to to discuss my rates and set up a free 30 minute telephone consultation. Let’s have a chat and see if we click. After all, finding the right mentor is a bit like falling in love. You may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your Prince Charming. And if I were you I wouldn’t settle for anything less.


Business Mentoring from Raspberry Flavoured Windows

Chris From The Curious Department


So yesterday we had the absolute delight in finally meeting Rachel, the entirely lovely human behind the Instagram account @raspberry_flavoured_windows.When we first started The Curious Department, Rachel not only offered us some much needed guidance and business mentoring but she also put her money where her mouth is and was one of our first pledges to our Kickstarter campaign. And she even blogged about how to style our @swoonworthyblog butterfly print.

Two years on, and Rachel continues to be a Curious champion, always a fountain of knowledge and support and inspiration, and has never faltered in being a thoroughly gorgeous lady, inside and out. We fully support you checking out her fabulously stylish home at @raspberry_flavoured_windows … you might also spot a breath taking gold fireplace, which we might have 100% copied. Please go follow Rachel and give her some love, because she fucking deserves it!


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