Claire Elsworth Design

Claire Elsworth Design

Claire Elsworth Design is a luxury home decor brand. They specialise in wallpapers and cushions for maximalist interior enthusiasts. For those of us who want to create inspirational and beautiful interiors. That want to make our house our home. So if you love patterns. Appreciate colour. And experience the utter joy of fusing and contrasting these into your interiors to make your heart soar and pupils dilate. Then, fellow Maximalists…….. Claire’s designs are here for you!

Claire hand draws all of her unique designs. Then digitally works them up into patterns. Before bringing them to life as luxury wallpapers and the softest of silk and sumptuous velvet cushions. Resulting in a series of inspirational collections. Her exquisite designs take inspiration from intriguing stories about an imaginary Duchess called ‘Violacea Macrobothrys’. Along with and her beautiful old house. In total, there are six short concept stories that weave their way through six collections. Bringing life and injecting form into each design. You can read them on the website home page. Or in the storybook brochure. But to give you a taster here’s the story for…….


‘Peacock Maximalist’

‘Hidden deep somewhere in the countryside. Down a winding once-grand driveway there is a long forgotten beautiful old house and garden. Few have stumbled across it. And those that have were transfixed by its decaying splendour and magical spell. Long, long ago a Duchess and a handsome peacock walked together in the manicured gardens. Alas, all that is left now is overgrown. But some have seen the peacock’s elegant descendants. Their heads poking through the ancient wisteria, planted on the whim of the Duchess, Violacea Macrobothrys’.


All the wallpapers and cushions are printed and made to the highest of standards using eco friendly inks and processes in England. Wallpapers are digitally printed on uncoated FSC papers. Ethically sourcing base fabrics for all cushions is of utmost importance too. Along with the eco friendly digital printing process which uses less water. And above all produces zero waste too. A socially responsible soft furnishing supplier then manufactures each cushion in an Eco conscious way. Again, using ethically sourced materials. And finally, the bespoke cushion inners have the most exquisite filling too. With a mix of free range farmed duck feathers. Together with a poly fibre made from recycled plastic bottles. This intriguing and eco friendly mixture provides the ultimate long lasting ‘plump’.

If you are after something bespoke. Or would like any further information please feel free to drop Claire an email at


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