Collaboration With Mineheart

Collaborate, the action of working with someone to produce ‘something’ according to the dictionary. And as far as I’m concerned I’ll only produce that something if it happens to be beautiful. Having been a brand myself I know that images speak a thousand words. Add on top some amazing content and you have a recipe for success. Not only have I styled my own brand shoots but I’ve worked with a number of interior and lifestyle brands too. I’m able to offer styling and photography. Along with creating content and  social media campaigns.


There’s been such great feedback on the room and the canvases within the room – we’re very happy with the response! It looks incredible!! You’ve got such a niche, gorgeous style – it’s great!!

Gabrielle Taylor – Sales and Marketing Manager – Mineheart


Moving to The Dark Side Of Interiors


I hope you enjoyed that little peek into Rachel’s gorgeous home and that it’s given you some ideas.  I know I keep going on about it but that gold fireplace is now on my wish list.  I’ll let you know if it makes it through to the final edit!

Jacqui from Audenza


So why work with me? Well, I have oodles of experience and work to a deadline too. Plus I write engaging posts that are easily to read and I optimise them for SEO to boot too. It’s important to me that your posts rank so we can chat about keywords till the cows come home. I am professional but do love a giggle too. Oh and a dance but let’s save that for when we’re celebrating. Plus,  when you need someone to think outside the box I bring some great ideas to the party. We seem to be going back to partying and dancing!


Collaboration with the Curious Department


Two years on, and Rachel continues to be a Curious champion, always a fountain of knowledge and support and inspiration, and has never faltered in being a thoroughly gorgeous lady, inside and out. We fully support you checking out her fabulously stylish home you might also spot a breathtaking gold fireplace, which we might have 100% copied!

Chris from The Curious Department


If you feel we’re a good fit and you’d like someone to collaborate with who will give you 110% please do drop me a line at or alternatively you can Contact Me here. I’d love to work with you. Let’s set out on an exciting journey together. But please do make sure we are a good fit. I am a follower of the slow movement and only work with brands that truly fit with my ethos. I will also be honest in my opinions and thoughts. After all I am here first and foremost for my followers. I will always give an evaluated, thoughtful opinion that is truthful and honest.


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