Dan Wooding Acrylic Art

Dan Wooding Acrylic Art

Welcome to Dan Wooding Acrylic Art. My name is Dan, and I am an abstract acrylic artist based in Somerset. I paint from a studio at the top of my home. A fabulous historic building known as King Inas palace in the middle of the wonderful, small and charming town of South Petherton.

I paint using heavy body acrylics with high pigment as I love the vibrancy of colour. I also have a huge love of metallics and metallic leaf which I regularly use in my paintings. Believing art should be tactile I often use texture in my work. Adding ground stone or metal oxides for coarseness. The addition of texture means that my paintings should be touched and enjoyed. And so I often use open framing without glass to enable this.

Along with texture I have a passion for print. One of my favourite artists is Anthony Burill who inspires my art. Collected over the years, I use vintage letterpress blocks (some of which date back to the 1930s) and specialist printing inks to apply detail to my art work. This also allows me to create special commissions for people and personalise art work.

My inspiration Dan Wooding Acrylic Art pieces comes from literally anywhere. It can be anything from the music I am listening to. To a place I have visited. Or an interesting design I have seen. Perhaps even the scenery around me that may evoke a mood and inspire a painting. I am passionate about painting and enjoy where my art takes me. Not only in body but also where it takes my mind. I hope you enjoy my work.



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