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My Socially Awkward Life

How Are You? Three Small Words

How are you? Three Small Words
Image Via Pati Robins from Style Squeeze

I’m pretty sure we all have the same morning routine at work or at home. Get into the office, switch on the lights, the computers, switch off the telephone night answer service and then grab a cuppa to drink whilst you go through your emails. Or get up, get everyone through the bathroom, fed and watered before grabbing a coffee and checking you’re emails. More often than not the emails I receive start, ‘Hi Rachel, how are you?’ I think that’s pretty much standard isn’t it? I know I do it.  We all write the same three little words ourselves everyday without a thought don’t we? I wonder if we ever take a moment to really think what those three little words mean to the person receiving our emails when we write them down. Continue Reading…

My Socially Awkward Life

Autism Mum You Are Not Alone

My Socially Awkward Life

So you might have come across this post by accident or maybe I promoted it through my social media channels and maybe you’re wondering ‘autism mum you are not alone’? What’s that got to do with interiors? Well the truth is absolutely nothing! BUT and there is quite a big but I do have a socially awkward life. And I’ve realised that many of you do too. The truth is I have 3 wonderful sons, one is brunette, one a red head and one is blonde with brown eyebrows and a ginger beard (bless). All three are dyslexic, two are autistic, one is also diagnosed with OCD and PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). God knows how myself and Mr RFW created three so completely different children, we obviously have some pretty crazy genes. (At this point you might think what a crap parent but please read on before you judge me). Continue Reading…

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Raspberry Flavoured Windows as featured on Audenza

The girls over at Audenza are absolutely the best! Not only have they got a key eye for design. But they’re business savy too. And along side their ‘get out of here’ online interiors boutique they also have an award winning blog! So you can imagine how exciting it was to find out they would like to feature my home there. To grace their pages alongside some of the best homes on Instagram was thrilling. Continue Reading…