The Gallery Wall

The Gallery Wall

Calling the county of Devon home, The Gallery Wall is an independent wall art studio. They specialise in high quality designs for interior fanatics. It’s a meeting of two creative minds and a melting pot of inspiration too. And Tom Gordon and Monika Charchula not only handle all the design aspects. But also both the production and fulfilment sides too.

As Creative Director Tom has spent over a decade designing artwork. Honing his skills as a freelance designer for A-List musicians and globally adored franchises. His work has also sold in stores such as Urban Outfitters and ASOS. But whilst loving his work Tom began to find himself increasingly wishing for more creative freedom. And with the launch of The Gallery Wall he finally found it.

Monika  has also been making quiet a name for herself in the upcycling community. Her breath taking furniture transformations and creative interior styling embodies her love of the dark and mystical. Which she infuses into her work. From moody floral patterns, crystals and  weathered textures. To eerie motifs such as snakes or moths. She believes our homes are an extension of our own selves. And the pieces she creates are a true reflection of her inner self.

When trying to decorate the walls of their own home, Tom and Monika, realised that there was no artwork out there that suited their tastes. They were searching for high-quality art with meaning! Something that only seemed possible with a huge budget! They were becoming increasingly frustrated. And disappointed. Just how hard can looking for artwork as unique and expressive as their own personalities be?  Finding that perfect piece wasn’t as easy as it should be at all.

And so, The Gallery Wall was born. The Gallery Wall is all about high-quality, accessible art, wallpaper. And soon to be soft furnishings. The kind of designs Tom and Monika had wished for but were unable to find. This is art and design for the passionate! For the individual who would rather do nothing than do something without integrity. This is interior design for the people who ‘get it’. No one should ever have to stare at a bland wall ever again!


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