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Seen something you love but it’s out of your price bracket? Ever wondered how to replicate it? Or perhaps you want to make a cushion? Or curtains? Want to gild a mirror? Make a piece of art? I’m bringing my inside knowledge to the fore. If you have a need to know then find it here in my  ‘How To’s’.

How To's

Restoring A Cast Iron Fireplace After Winter

restoring a cast iron fireplace after winter

Well Spring is the air and winter is finally behind us. The days are getting warmer and the daffs are sprouting as though there’s no tomorrow. The sun filters in through our windows and we look around aghast at the many cobwebs adorning our ceilings that we hadn’t even realised were there. I mean how exactly do they get there undetected? And so the mammoth Spring clean begins. And with that my thoughts always turn to our sitting room fireplace. The workhorse that keeps us warm through winter now looks forlorn and uncared for. So let me walk you through restoring a cast iron fireplace (my own sitting room fireplace is for today our model) after winter has departed and spring has finally sprung. The way my granny taught me. Continue Reading…

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Adding a metallic lining to lampshades

Adding a metallic liner to a lampshade

Ever wanting to get that luxe look on a budget I tend to buy at the cheaper end of the market or in the sales which can make life a little difficult to be honest. For instance I found a lovely pair of lamps a couple of years ago in the sale at Debenhams that sit in my living room. An absolute bargain at £35 each, the bases were super quality but sadly the shades let them down. They’re a mock silk (yuck) and a pale grey (not a colour that says wow, I’m expensive). For a while now these shades have been really irritating me. I don’t want to throw them away, that’s not me. So I decided to give them a revamp by adding a metallic lining to the lampshades and changing their colour. Continue Reading…

How To's

My Top 10 Rules For A Perfect Fridge

Samsung RS8000 American Fridge Freezer

This post is sponsored by Samsung Home Appliances. Today more than any other time we need to take care of our fridges and freezers. We need them to work hard for us, keeping our food as fresh as possible for as long as possible. So if you are struggling with soggy cucumber in your crisper. Or Have that odd corner in the fridge that freezes whatever you put there this post is for you. Perhaps you are unsure how to clean it? Or maybe what the ideal temperature should be. I have it all covered for you here in this post with my top 10 rules for a perfect fridge. Continue Reading…

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how to make an envelope cushion

How To make an envelope cushion

Cushions! We all love them. They are the finishing touch to a room. Adding not only comfort but texture. They somehow bring a scheme together. And make a room feel finished. But what if, like me, you don’t have an endless budget to achieve the look that’s in your head? It’s much cheaper to make your own. Fabric can be bought very cheaply on the internet. And you can often pick up an off cut of designer fabric on Ebay large enough to make a cushion for a fraction of the cost from the manufacturer. So today I’m showing you how to make an easy peasy envelope (no zip required) cushion. I mean these are so easy my dog Buster could make one. Well if he had thumbs that is!! Continue Reading…

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DIY Christmas Fireplace Garland

DIY Chrismas Fireplace Garland

POST CONTAINS GIFTED ITEMS. Now you all know by now that I firstly love making stuff for my home. And secondly am always on a budget and so when Christmas comes around I have to think outside of the box when it comes to my decorations. I love all the fireplace garlands I see on Instagram but they are normally way out of my budget. I mean people seem to spend hundreds of pounds on them whether real or faux. So I’m going to share with you how I create my DIY Christmas fireplace garland (actually I made 2) dress my staircase and create a display for the kitchen all for less than £30.00! Continue Reading…