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Seen something you love but it’s out of your price bracket? Ever wondered how to replicate it? Or perhaps you want to make a cushion? Or curtains? Want to gild a mirror? Make a piece of art? I’m bringing my inside knowledge to the fore. If you have a need to know then find it here in my  ‘How To’s’.

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how to bring old limestone or marble back to life

marble and limestone steps after polishing

Anyone who has renovated an old house previously will know that even when you think you’ve finished you haven’t really. Sorry to those of you currently renovating. The truth is old buildings require constant care, for me that’s why I love them. Taking care of a period property to me is similar to doing your best to look after the environment. Just as I want the planet to be there for future generations I would like the heritage that comes from our homes to be there also. During the Summer months I always turn to the outside jobs and one of those this year is resurfacing the front steps. Here’s a step my step guide on how to bring old limestone or marble back to life Continue Reading…

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DIY Leather Cabinet Pull

DIY Leather Cabinet Pull

Once I’d made the wardrobe in youngest RFWs bedroom I quickly realised that. A. I am so happy with my work. OK, it’s not perfect but come on, it only cost me around £90 to make. Can you imagine the extra noughts that a professional would add to that?? And. B. It looked a little bland from the outside, so much so that youngest RFW asked if we could remove the door again. And that’s the thing about an initial design you have to be flexible in your approach. What works on paper doesn’t always work in practise. Originally we were going to have an open deisgn but youngest RFW didn’t want everything on show and this evolved into a wardrobe. It was a good choice too as it was cheaper to make without the extra scaffolding. Anyhoo, to continue the rooms theme I came up with this DIY leather cabinet pull. Continue Reading…

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DIY Round Mirror With Leather Strap And Hanging Peg


If you’ve been following youngest RFW’s bedroom makeover you will already know that I am limited by budget. Never one to be put off I enjoy finding ways around this. As you already know I made most of the furniture myself but when it comes to accessories I thought I would just have to buy everything. That is until I tried to find a mirror that suited the room and more importantly my budget! Well, could I find anything? You got it, not a sausage! As I was saying though, where there’s a will, there’s usually a way. So the cogs in my brain began to whirr (as they do) waiting for that light bulb moment. Why does it always come to you in the middle of the night? And here you have it, my DIY round mirror with leather strap and a hanging peg. Continue Reading…

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DIY Amber Shampoo Bottles


As part of my mini bathroom makeover I wanted to not only make a move to reduce the amount of plastic that moves through the house but also give it an apothecary vibe. With five people in the house and a tiny bathroom storage is important. But I’m forever throwing away empty bottles and clearing up after everyone. So part of the makeover was to reduce the amount of plastic. Buy in bulk wherever possible. And encourage everyone to be a little tidier. After all dumping your used towel in the bath like I’m the daily maid is making my blood boil! Anyone elses children do that? Basically I’ve decanted our most used products into my DIY Amber Shampoo bottles.  Continue Reading…

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Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts

Whilst working on my mini bathroom makeover two things became apparent to me. Firstly my household has way too much plastic. And secondly it’s also filled with a lot of chemicals too. Now chemicals are not great for any of us and certainly not those who have a disability of one form or another. There has been so much research on what causes autism. And yet nothing as yet has been conclusive. So I figured I’d like to get the house a little greener and  more organic along my revamping way. Starting with the bathroom. I’m buying more human friendly products, starting to make my own soap. And instead of mass produced bubble bath I’m introducing homemade lavender bath salts.

Continue Reading…