Furniture Directory


Be gone bog standard flat pack and welcome to the Furniture Directory. A home for independent brands to showcase their wares. Long gone are the days when the style of your home was dictated to you by the High Street giants. Now, no matter your aesthetic there is something out there that has your named stamped on it. Something so distinctly you that it fills your heart with joy every time you clap eyes on it. The old adage of an item having to be both useful and beautiful in equal measures seems a fitting one when it comes to furniture in particular. So let’s ditch the dull and embrace our inner goddess of style.


And that’s what the Furniture Directory along with the Interiors Directory are all about. They’re about celebrating the independent brands. And supporting the backbone of Independent businesses throughout the UK who make our Country what it is. A home for businesses to showcase their wares. The home accessories directory is here to help you, to take the pain away from sourcing that perfect piece. So with so many independent  and distinctly individual Brands under one roof let’s show them some support and shop with them whenever we can. Not only will we fill our homes with beauty but we’ll have a warm fuzzy feeling by doing so too.