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Gilding projects And How Tos


Known affectionately by friends and rather humorously I might add as ‘The Queen Of Gold Leaf’ gilding in its many forms is one of my absolute passions. I have been gilding now for well over 30 years and am completely self taught. It all started with a mirror. Which actually looked in the end as though a blind man had been given free rein in sweet wrapper factory. But hey ho, we learn from our mistakes. But from that moment on I was hooked. So in this section of my blog you will find all my gilding projects.


From how to apply loose or transfer leaf to walls. ceiling or even a staircase I have it all. From small projects to large. And don’t worry, I won’t inflict my love of gold on you. You are of course free to use silver, copper or any other colour leaf for that matter. From beginners to the more experienced I hope you will find something to inspire you.

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DIY Gold Leaf Planters

After Spending what felt like months improving the kerb appeal of the front of the house it’s time to start on the back. The dreaded area that is my back garden. Now I have always said that I would never share my back garden. To say it needs tending is rather an under statement. I mean I have dandelions and bare patches of earth where there should be a lawn. I have more dandelions a plenty coming up through the patio. Three outhouses and a lean to that are falling down. And a back door hanging off! So rather than feeling overwhelmed I have broken the garden down into areas and with a make do and mend attitude I am making a start. And to add a bit of RFW magic I’m adding some DIY Gold Leaf Planters. Continue Reading…

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Monochrome Hallway Makeover Reveal

Monochrome Hallway Reveal


That’s it, I’ve decided on the epitaph for my gravestone. ‘Here lies Rachel, she hasn’t decorated her hallway since 2019!’ I am never, repeat never, decorating the hall, stairs and landing ever again! Talk about cut off from the world. My every waking moment for the last three weeks has been spent painting. I had the walls and ceilings done in less than a week, but OMFG there is A LOT of woodwork. And cutting in! No masking tape was used or harmed in the process of this makeover. Mainly due to nothing being straight! Are you ready to see my monochrome hallway makeover reveal? As usual everything was striped, painted, sanded, painted, undercoated, painted and finally designed by moi. Continue Reading…

Before & After Reveals, Gilding projects And How Tos, Interior Design, My Hallway

Vestibule Makeover

Vestibule Makeover from Raspberry Flavoured Windows

Vestibule, a small room or chamber which separates the outer door of a home from the interior of a building. I’m not quite sure why some homes have them. Maybe it’s so we can greet a visitor and decide whether we want them to come into our home. Maybe it’s to reduce heat loss?? Whatever the reason I’m lucky enough to have one. It may be small in stature but as with all my small rooms I want it to be big on style and so I decided to give my own vestibule a makeover.

Continue Reading…

Gilding projects And How Tos, How To's

Transform A Mirror With Gilding Paste

How To Transform a Mirror With Gilding Paste


As you probably know by now I’m a lover of a bargain! And where better to pick one up than at a car boot sale? BTW, never come to boot sale with me. I treat the whole thing as a military exercise. My husband hates going with me because I tend to go at speed, like duurrrhh! What if you miss a bargain.  Sometimes you find something and just have to have it even though you’ve no idea what you’re going to do with it. Nor where it will going to go either. And that was exactly the case with this mirror. It was in my dining room for a while but as that had a revamp a little while ago it’s sat forlorn and unloved in the outhouse. A light bulb moment a couple of days ago had me running in there to dig it out so here’s how to transform a mirror with gilding paste for anyone who fancies a go at it themselves.  Continue Reading…