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Keep up to date with all the latest trends in Interior Design right here! Whilst I may not be a slave to the latest fashions I do like to keep my eye on the ball. Trends often give a nod and a wink to the past. Take the recent reemergence of the lowly pineapple for instance! Once known as the fruit of kings it’s been around for centuries in both architecture and design.

Here you will find what’s big, about to be big and also the trends I would like to see in interior design. Think mood boards, concept drawings, and most off all how we can achieve the looks on a budget. Because ya know, just because we have a lemonade budget doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a champagne interior!

Interior Design

What Shade of grey paint should I use

Grey Kitchen

This post contains affiliate links. One of the questions I get asked most of all is does your house feel dark? The answer is not at all. And the second question is what shade of grey paint should I use? And although the first question is an easy one to ask. The second is all together rather more complicated. And so I thought what better subject to devote a blog post to. Grey is a much more complicated colour than many others. And technically I’m not sure you can truly classify it as a colour. To term it correctly it is either a shade of black. Or a tone of white. But then that gets overly complicated too so lets for ease call it a colour for this post.  Continue Reading…

Interior Design, My Living Room

Modern Maximalist Sitting Room

Modern Maximalist Sitting Room

OK, I’ll admit it. My name is Rachel and I’m a fabric addict. I loveeeeee fabric. Doesn’t matter what kind, silk, linen, velvet…….. But it does have to feel and look wonderful. In fact I am soooooo particular about fabrics that there are hardly any soft furnishings in my home. I am that picky! It has to pass the staring at it for hours test. The move it around the room in at least 37 million different places test. And it has to pass the caressing the cheek test. I know. I’m weird like that! My point being that whilst I love fabric I am also extremely annoying about what makes the cut when it comes to being included in my home.  And so a couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a revelation! So here are my plans for my modern maximalist sitting room makeover. Continue Reading…

Interior Design

My Interior Design Trend Predictions For 2021


Well 2021 is well and truly here and with it comes hope. But also I think a new way of looking at the world around us. And how we interact with it. Not only with other people but on a multi sensory level too. We’ve changed our eating habits. How we exercise. Where we work and who we see amongst a myriad of other things. But what’s in store for us interior design junkies? What does 2021 hold for us? Well with manufacturing down and global movement problematic not to mention Brexit I think this year may finally be the anti trend year. Not that I don’t think there will be any at all, more that for this year ‘Movements’ may be a more apt description. No rigid must haves, more a veering to a natural conclusion in our own ways. And whilst I say my interior design trend predictions for 2021 it’s more a where I feel interiors may diversify to meet our needs. So although these interior design trend predictions for 2021 are my own thoughts, let’s see if I get them right shall we. Continue Reading…

Interior Design, My Dining Room

Dreaming Of A New Dining Room With Juliettes Interiors


This post is sponsored by Juliettes Interiors. As we hurtle head first into Autumn it got me thinking. Just what am I going to do to keep myself busy over the colder months. I certainly don’t have enough DIY tasks to keep me busy for the next 6 months that’s for sure or the budget if I’m honest. And then an email from Juliettes Interiors dropped into my inbox presenting me with a design challenge to create a dining room mood board. Well obviously I’m up for that. In fact I might make it a regular feature as the winter months stretch out in front of us. And so today I find myself dreaming of a new dining room with Juliettes Interiors Continue Reading…