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My Living Room

Welcome to my living room. The room we spend the most time in together as a family. It’s a whooping twenty eight foot long. And very difficult to balance one end with the other. One end was originally the Victorian kitchen and the other end was the formal sitting room. And the two styles are very different!

Here I will document how on my tiny budget I’m trying to transform the space from awkward to stylish. Creating a cohesive design scheme that works for all my family. Remember with two autistic boys this space has to work for them too.

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Raspberry Flavoured Windows – The Shop

Raspberry Flavoured Windows Limited Edition Art

Hello lovelies, can you hear the fanfare playing in the background? No! How about the drum roll? No?? Surely you can. I’m letting you into a little secret, guess what? Yep, that’s right. The clue is in the title. I’m only launching a THE shop here on Raspberry Flavoured Windows! Eeekkkkk! Please be gentle with me. Well currently it’s more like a single product but hey, from small acorns and all that…… Continue Reading…

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Mad About The House

Gold Fireplace

I am absolutely over the moon to be feature on Mad About The House in the weekly feature of ‘10 Beautiful Rooms‘. In fact Kate Watson-Smyth was very kind to feature not one room of mine but two! Kate is one of my all time Interior Blog hero’s. Not only does she write beautifully. But she inspires me too having set up her Blog at around the same age as I am now. It’s sometimes hard to start over, create a new beginning in life when you’re ahem, the wrong side of 40! But Kate has gone from strength to strength and it gives me hope that I’m actually going somewhere with this little old blog of mine.  Continue Reading…