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My Bedroom

Welcome to my bedroom, my oasis of calm in my topsy turvey socially awkward roller coaster of a ride. Once bland and dreary I transformed it on a budget into a dark and glam interior space with a gothic revival undertone.

Dark bedrooms are not for everyone but for me it centres me. Cocoons me even. It is my space to relax and I never tire of seeing it. Share the journey of it’s transformation with me as I slowly add to it. Ever, as always refining it.

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RFW Loves Beddable

RFW Loves Beddable


The one room in the house I encourage you to decorate from a sensory perspective if you’ve never tried it before is the bedroom. Think about it…. This room is the most nurturing in your home. Amongst other things this is the room where we sleep. And to get the best nights sleep you should feel calm and relaxed. We all know the do’s and don’ts of no TV etc. But how about thinking about your surroundings too. A bedroom should help you to relax in the evening and be stimulating enough to make you feel as fresh as a daisy in the morning. One of our most important senses, that of touch is incredibly important in the bedroom. How our bedding feels can be a make or break the situation when it comes to sleep. And that’s where Beddable comes in, the RFW household loves them.

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My Bedroom Revamp

Raspberry Flavoured Windows - My Bedroom

What do you do when the Daily Mail wants to photograph you in your bedroom sat at your dressing table. Oh, and  BTW, they want to pop round in three days time for the shoot. Bloody panic that’s what! A. My bedroom hadn’t been decorated in like forever and B. I didn’t own a dressing table! Undeterred, well you’re not going to turn that down are you? I set out to design a scheme for the room on an as always (yes, you guessed it) own brand lemonade budget. Here’s my bedroom revamp! Continue Reading…

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Mad About The House

Gold Fireplace

I am absolutely over the moon to be featured on Mad About The House in the weekly feature of ‘10 Beautiful Rooms‘. In fact Kate Watson-Smyth was very kind to feature not just one room of mine but two! Kate is one of my all time Interior Blog hero’s. Not only does she write beautifully. But she inspires me too having set up her Blog at around the same age as I am now. It’s sometimes hard to start over, create a new beginning in life when you’re ahem, the wrong side of 40! But Kate has gone from strength to strength and it gives me hope that I’m actually going somewhere with this little old blog of mine. Continue Reading…