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Before & After Reveals

This is where you will find all my before and after reveals. It’s a great way for me to save all my hard work in one place. And to hopefully inspire you to make some changes to your home too.


Solely by my own fair hands each room gains a new look. There’s usually a ‘how to’ or three to accompany them too. So please join me as I endeavour to create and translate what happens to be inside my head into a reality. Oh and did I mention that my before and afters are shoestring budget friendly too.

Before & After Reveals, Outside Spaces

The She Shed Reveal

The Shed Shed Reveal

This post contains PR products. Here it is folks. Formally known as ‘The Outhouse’ (how very Prince of me), the ‘She Shed’ reveal is here! This space is proof that you don’t need pots of cash to make a difference to your home. Thinking outside the box. Using secondhanded marketplaces. And a little ingenuity can result in as good, if not better results. With this makeover I’ve I used what I have wherever possible. Finishing up old pots of paint, doing the work myself and shopping my home . So without further ado, here it is. Continue Reading…

Before & After Reveals, Outside Spaces

Outdoor Room Makeover

Outdoor Room Makeover

Last year as many of you know I threw myself into renovating the front of the house and our driveway. Plus I’ve been re pointing our Devon stone boundary wall ( all 60972 metres of it) for what feels like 27 years! All this is not only necessary as my windows were rotting and the wall had actually fallen down in places but it was also me having a severe case of ‘Pandemic Procrastination’ too. Whilst others were in their gardens I was strongly avoiding mine. You see my garden is a mess. It fact it needs more tending than the collective bikini lines of every woman in the UK who have missed their waxing sessions! Made worse by my outhouses (more about that in a mo). So today I’m sharing with you my outdoor room makeover. Continue Reading…

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Mini Sitting Room Makeover With Fy

Mini Sitting Room Makeover With Fy

This mini sitting room makeover with Fy post contains gifted items. Anyone that knows me is well aware that I have a love hate thing going on with my sitting room. The previous owners to us made a rather hasty (in my humble opinion) and rash decision to knock through from the front to the back of the house. Making 2 rooms (I’ll have you know one of those could have been my office) into 1. Now I have no issue with anyone doing this but! And yes there is a but. For two rooms to work as one they need to be architecturally similar. And that my friends is my problem. Even though an inherited one. Continue Reading…

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Restoring A Block Paved Driveway

Restore Block Pavers

Part of my 2020 wishlist is to improve the kerb appeal of my home. It looks dated. So after spending time repointing all our old Devon stone walls. Which by the way has taken nearly two years to complete factoring in the weather! I am now turning my attention to the front of the house with the aim of improving my homes kerb appeal. To be honest it needs it too. I’ve left all those little tasks far too long. Having painted the front door I’m onto cleaning our driveway. At 23 years old it’s lost its colour. And has weeds a plenty between the pavers as well as numerous stains. So I thought I’d share restoring a block paved driveway with you. An easy how to that doesn’t cost the earth or take that much effort to do either.

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