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10 Of The Very Best

The aim of this section of the blog is to do all the hard work for you. Be it bathroom lighting, bar stools or beds, I’m on a mission to find the 10 of the very best of what’s out there for you. And with an eye on cost at the same time so each round up will hopefully represent all purse sizes and budgets.

Affordable design historically meant awful design but savvy brands are now stamping the ground hard. Enough with cheap materials and poor aesthetic! Now more than ever the choice between form and function is dissipating. You can have both in abundance and I aim to find those special pieces for you so that you don’t have to.

10 Of The Very Best

10 of the best foxed mirrors

10 of the best vintage glass mirrors

This post contains affiliate links. There’s something so wonderfully romantic about foxed glass. When a truly old mirror shows its age like vintage paper. Tiny imperfections, browning and age spots appear. It happens to us all my dear at some point! You gaze in awe at the perfectly imperfect wondering who has gazed into the looking glass in times gone by. But we don’t all have a budget for antique mirrors and the hefty price tag that normally accompanies them. Nor do they come along that often. So let’s take a look at what’s out there right now, here’s 10 of the best foxed mirrors. Continue Reading…

10 Of The Very Best

The Best Christmas Baubles Of 2020

Stand Back And Admire Your Christmas Tree

This post contains affiliate links. There’s something about baubles isn’t there. They become so very dear to us. Maybe it’s because we pack them away for a year at a time. Letting them reside in a dark loft or cellar. And as we unwrap them the following year it’s like welcoming back old friends. Each one comes with memories attached to it. You remember the Christmas that you bought it. And our hearts flood with joy or sometimes sadness for a lost one that is no longer with us. To me Christmas is magical, I never really grew out of the excitement a four year old feels. And the humble bauble to me is so much more. So I thought I’d share the best Christmas baubles of 2020 with you. The really special ones if like me you like to add to your collection every year. Continue Reading…

10 Of The Very Best

10 Of The Best Brass Bathroom Lights

10 Of The Best Bathroom Lights

Yes so I know this is a post about bathroom lights and that there is a kitchen in the image above but bear with me and I will explain all. You see I have been on a mission to find affordable lights for my kitchen for what feels like an age. And then I finally found a pair that made my heart beat faster than well a very fast thing. Not only that but they were within my budget too especially as kindly gifted one of them to me. The Brass Opal Disc Ceiling Light are perfect for my kitchen. The thing I didn’t realise though, is that it they also IP44 rated which makes it suitable for bathrooms. This really set my heart a flutter because well bathroom lights have always been a bit meh haven’t they. And so inspired by these lights I thought I would give you my guide to 10 of the best brass bathroom lights currently out there. Continue Reading…