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My Hallway

Ah, the bane of my life! Welcome to my hallway a long, narrow, winding passage. It connects one room to another in my home. With nine doors, ten if you include the front door it’s one of the most difficult of spaces to decorate. It’s had many forms over the years and here’s where I’m going to document it’s next makeover. You see I have plans for this most awkward of spaces.

It’s well overdue the need for a lick of paint. And to balance the fact that the upstairs landing has six of the ten doors the walls require some artwork too. So I’m on a mission to give this space a new lease of life. But as ever it will be on a lemonade budget and we’re talking own brand at that!


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Monochrome Hallway Makeover Reveal

Monochrome Hallway Reveal


That’s it, I’ve decided on the epitaph for my gravestone. ‘Here lies Rachel, she hasn’t decorated her hallway since 2019!’ I am never, repeat never, decorating the hall, stairs and landing ever again! Talk about cut off from the world. My every waking moment for the last three weeks has been spent painting. I had the walls and ceilings done in less than a week, but OMFG there is A LOT of woodwork. And cutting in! No masking tape was used or harmed in the process of this makeover. Mainly due to nothing being straight! Are you ready to see my monochrome hallway makeover reveal? As usual everything was striped, painted, sanded, painted, undercoated, painted and finally designed by moi. Continue Reading…

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Monochrome Hallway Design

My Current Hallway


It’s all go chez the RFW  household at the moment. I’ve definitely got my decorating mojo back with a vengeance. Youngest RFW’s bedroom is complete bar a couple of bits I’m waiting for. And they’re exciting bits at that. And so now I’m moving onto the dreaded hall, stairs and landing. I’ve talked about Monochrome design before and that’s the way my hallway is going. Isn’t this area of the home the worst to decorate though? Firstly you’ve got that stupidly high drop over the stairs. And secondly oh sooooo much woodwork. And doors!! Count them, I have 9 doors to paint! Thank goodness there’s only one window though. Continue Reading…

Before & After Reveals, Gilding projects And How Tos, Interior Design, My Hallway

Vestibule Makeover

How to do monochrome interiors

Vestibule, a small room or chamber which separates the outer door of a home from the interior of a building. I’m not quite sure why some homes have them. Maybe it’s so we can greet a visitor and decide whether we want them to come into our home. Maybe it’s to reduce heat loss?? Whatever the reason I’m lucky enough to have one. It may be small in stature but as with all my small rooms I want it to be big on style and so I decided to give my own vestibule a makeover.

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