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Welcome to the journey that is my kitchen! It’s transformation from a dull and dreary eyesore to ‘my god I can’t believe it’s the same room’ is all here in this section. If you’d like to read more about it you can find it on Apartment Therapy too.

Follows this rooms transformation from start to finish. From how to paint kitchen cupboards to replacing sash window cords, I did it all myself. I’ll share all my DIY hints and tips with you. And show that you can use dark colours in a small area too!

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How To Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

Contains Gifted Item. Now anybody that knows me will almost certainly know that I am a self confessed serial plant killer. I try so hard to keep them alive. I have no idea how I manage it but ultimately on the whole they die. Usually within a couple of weeks. You may also know/not know my love of all things Italian. The country, the language, the effortless style of the population and OMG, the food. From pizza to pasta, risotto and everything in between. I would quite happily only eat Italian food for the rest of my life. So you can imagine one of the key ingredients that is always available in my kitchen is Basil. Every week I buy a new pot from the Supermarket and every week I throw one away. And that got me thinking, how to make supermarket basil last longer and keep it alive??? Continue Reading…

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A Kitchen Update with Samsung

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At 15 years old my old American style fridge freezer was on it’s last legs. The fresh water dispenser and ice making machine had long since packed up, the lights no longer worked, all the door shelves had broken and the fridge seemed to freeze everything whilst the freezer didn’t quite manage to freeze anything. Add in to the mix that every so often I would wake up to a flooded kitchen  (how does that even happen with the water supply is turned off) and well, it had come to the end of it’s lifespan. You can imagine then just how extremely grateful, stupidly excited and over the moon I was when Samsung asked me if I would like to try one of their American fridge freezers and talk a little about how it helps in our day to day life. So come and  join me on a kitchen update with Samsung. Continue Reading…

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Mini Kitchen Revamp

Mini Kitchen Revamp With Cult Furniture

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a serial decorator. There, I said it! I get well stressed when I go more than a couple of weeks without any creative outlet. I become impossible to live with in fact! That said, I am always on a budget and so buying new things for the sake of buying new things is never an option for me. Even if I was lucky enough to be in that position I wouldn’t buy, buy, buy anyway. It’s just not me. When I do redecorate a room I always have to look at a the larger picture. I tend to get the bones of a room in place then tackle one area at a time with mini makeovers until the room is complete. This time I’m tackling our breakfast bar area as part of a mini kitchen revamp which Cult Furniture have very kindly helped me with. Continue Reading…

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DIY Gold Leaf Wall Letters


Isn’t it really annoying when you have an awkward space and you just can’t find anything to fit it? Especially when it’s wall space? I mean art can be so expensive can’t it? Especially if you like it oversized and in your face like I do. So what do we do with these most annoying areas? The ones that taunt you every time you pass by? Whispering over and over at you how unloved they look. And equally your bank balance is yelling above the said whispering that it doesn’t care how much you need to get your post New Year creativity on. You bloody well can’t afford a shopping spree! And you’re already on beans and toast and value beans at that! This is exactly where I find myself with the area next to my kitchen bin. No one really sees it apart from me. But it’s an awkward space and not particularly attractive! I mean it’s where the bin lives and yet I always feel the space has more to offer. And then inspiration hit in the form of gold leaf wall letters, check out my DIY to create your own.  Continue Reading…