Buck And Bear

Buck And Bear

Buck & Bear Design is a small online business based near Cambridgeshire. Owner Carlie produces bespoke gold leaf signs on glass. Her stunning gold signs are all painted by hand in reverse, onto the back of the glass.  And then gilded with 23.5ct gold leaf. Gilding is an old skill. A dying art which is now on the endangered crafts list. It is the process of applying gold leaf to glass to create beautiful wall art. And by using this time old along with another, that of signwriting Carlie creates unique wall art.

The gold signs all come with brass wall brackets which lip over the front of each piece. Or if you prefer, can be framed. Delivery is also  available throughout the UK. If you’re looking for wall art with a difference then these signs are for you. Carlie initially designs a digital mock up for her clients so you can see what your hand painted sign will look like. Before bringing the design to life by hand.

Choose from your favourite quotes or lyrics. Or simply your name. Carlie has loads of fab examples on both her instagram  and on her website for you to lust after. There’s also lots of smaller signs which are ideal for Christmas or birthday gifts.

Carlie works very closely with all clients. Designing exactly what they are after. You can send her colour ideas. Or just give her free rein to design you something unique to you. She uses 23.5ct superior Italian gold on all glass signs. And some also use white abalone shell to give the piece that extra special touch.

Launched in 2019 her design studio and has since gone from strength to strength. With Carlie having made over 80 signs in the last eight months. Buck & Bear works largely through Instagram, so feel free to drop Carlie a direct message to commission a piece of wall art. And she will get right back to you. She creates bespoke name signs, door signs and bar signs (always a popular choice, because who doesn’t want a tequila sign or a gin queen sign?!). Along Mr & Mrs signs, signs with your favourite song lyrics and quote wall art.




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