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Before & After Reveals

This is where you will find all my before and after reveals. It’s a great way for me to save all my hard work in one place. And to hopefully inspire you to make some changes to your home too.


Solely by my own fair hands each room gains a new look. There’s usually a ‘how to’ or three to accompany them too. So please join me as I endeavour to create and translate what happens to be inside my head into a reality. Oh and did I mention that my before and afters are shoestring budget friendly too.

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My Bedroom Revamp

Raspberry Flavoured Windows - My Bedroom

What do you do when the Daily Mail wants to photograph you in your bedroom sat at your dressing table. Oh, and  BTW, they want to pop round in three days time for the shoot. Bloody panic that’s what! A. My bedroom hadn’t been decorated in like forever and B. I didn’t own a dressing table! Undeterred, well you’re not going to turn that down are you? I set out to design a scheme for the room on an as always (yes, you guessed it) own brand lemonade budget. Here’s my bedroom revamp! Continue Reading…