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Gilding projects And How Tos


Known affectionately by friends and rather humorously I might add as ‘The Queen Of Gold Leaf’ gilding in its many forms is one of my absolute passions. I have been gilding now for well over 30 years and am completely self taught. It all started with a mirror. Which actually looked in the end as though a blind man had been given free rein in sweet wrapper factory. But hey ho, we learn from our mistakes. But from that moment on I was hooked. So in this section of my blog you will find all my gilding projects.


From how to apply loose or transfer leaf to walls. ceiling or even a staircase I have it all. From small projects to large. And don’t worry, I won’t inflict my love of gold on you. You are of course free to use silver, copper or any other colour leaf for that matter. From beginners to the more experienced I hope you will find something to inspire you.

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DIY Gold Leaf Wall Letters


Isn’t it really annoying when you have an awkward space and you just can’t find anything to fit it? Especially when it’s wall space? I mean art can be so expensive can’t it? Especially if you like it oversized and in your face like I do. So what do we do with these most annoying areas? The ones that taunt you every time you pass by? Whispering over and over at you how unloved they look. And equally your bank balance is yelling above the said whispering that it doesn’t care how much you need to get your post New Year creativity on. You bloody well can’t afford a shopping spree! And you’re already on beans and toast and value beans at that! This is exactly where I find myself with the area next to my kitchen bin. No one really sees it apart from me. But it’s an awkward space and not particularly attractive! I mean it’s where the bin lives and yet I always feel the space has more to offer. And then inspiration hit in the form of gold leaf wall letters, check out my DIY to create your own.  Continue Reading…