Mineheart is an art gallery and design store presenting a wide range of irresistible products for homes and interiors. The inspiration for Mineheart is to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and the spaces around us. Creating items that are far from ordinary. Our eclectic team of British and international designers create wallpaper, wall art, lighting furniture and home accessories with a unique touch.


Art with a sense of fun

We’re known for our playful art designs. Our classical portraits blow bubblegum, balance pencils or feature animal heads. And our wallpaper creates illusions of wood panelling, bookcases, leather armchairs and trelliswork. Add to this our lighting and home accessories which make fun statements for any interior space.

Mineheart was founded by Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia in 2010. Together they saw an excuse to make interesting and sometimes crazy things. With previous experience in designing products for high street brands they longed for creative freedom. Here’s a flavour of what you’ll find at Mineheart…



From wood panelling designs to bookshelf wallpaper. ‘Button back’ leather style wallpaper to marble wallpaper. Not to mention mural designs and much, much more.

Wall art

Featuring framed prints and canvases spanning many styles. From surreal and playful takes on classic art styles, to pop art. Along with comic book art and abstract designs too.


Blending beautiful craftsmanship with modern technology. The Mineheart lighting collection develops glass, stone, metal and feathers into unique contemporary concepts.


The mineheart designer rug collection enlivens the floor of any living space. Our cowhide rugs are much-coveted.


We design every piece in the Mineheart collection to enchant. Our range includes cupboards, cocktail cabinets, side tables, sideboards, bookcases, chairs, sofas and footstools.

Home accessories

Our home accessories combine traditional decoration with whimsical and contemporary design. The Mineheart accessories range infuses poetry, wit and artistry into everyday objects like dinner plates, cushions, ceramic accessories and gifts.




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