India And Albert

India And Albert

India & Albert is an artisan hand crafted jewellery brand. Based in Brixham it’s led by English/Italian jewellery designer, Penny Albertella.  Inspired by nature, heritage and beautiful Italian styling. I work in recycled sterling silver. Some of which I plate with luxurious gold or rose gold.


In these days of fast fashion, my jewellery is all about ‘slow, sustainable fashion’.  I love the idea that my pieces may be dug up in a hundred years. Or they may still be being worn by the generations that came after those who bought or were given them.  I love to think of the stories they will gather from generation to generation.  The stories of what they have meant to those who have worn them.


It can be really difficult to find jewellery that ‘speaks to you’.  I design jewellery with my customers in mind.  For people who love jewellery and  great design. As well as those who love both Italy and Devon. And who also love pieces made from precious metals. Pieces that are made to last! And finally for those who love to receive or give jewellery with a story.


My studio is in Brixham. Where I live in a 16th century cottage with my husband and three cheeky dogs.  My family means everything to me. And I am so lucky that my grandchildren live close by. In fact many of my designs are based on foraging expeditions with them. Either on the beautiful beaches of South Devon. Or the stunning forests. As a result shells, pine cones and acorns charms are all part of my Devon collections.


My Italian family has also deeply influenced me. And so many designs are a homage to my Nonna, Italian life and design.  Crosses, vintage Italian coins, lemons, grapes and coffee beans feature large in my Italian Heritage collections.


All my charms have a story behind them. In fact I’ve always had a passion for design. Right from childhood when I used to make all my own clothes.  I always found metal sculpture and jewellery fascinating too. And started out making jewellery for friends and relations. Over the years doing more and more training.


These same friends and relatives kept pushing me to take my work to a wider audience …. hence India & Albert being born. Like my garden, (which I can best describe as English country garden meets Italian courtyard garden with a smattering of Italianate) the vision for my jewellery is a mix of collections celebrating the best of both!


The dream is to become the go-to place for those who value  not only design but sustainability too. In both the home, garden and family as well as a love of stylish jewellery! Please do visit my website and take a tour of my collections. And discover the stories behind each piece.