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Oh, hello! Welcome to my favourite pastime. I’m never happier than when I’m doing a spot of DIY! You name it, I’ve done it. Though that’s actually not true, as SirThomas Beecham once said ‘Try everything once except folk dancing and incest’!

On the DIY front though I have more or less tried everything. From plastering to tiling. Plumbing to electrics. Decorating, sewing, and more. You’ll find it all here.

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How To Repair A Rotten Window

Repairing Rotten Windows

As part of operation improve the kerb appeal of my home, I thought let’s strip the paint off the window sill, because that’s a good idea! Why of why did I say that?? It turns out that in places the only thing keeping my rotted windows held together is in fact the paint! Removing over 120 years of built up paint was the least of my worries. Beneath what looks like in tact paint was rot! And lots of it too. So after my initial WTF expletives of which there were many. I dug deep telling myself that this is ok. I’ve got this. And do know what? I have. I thought how hard can it be to repair a rotten window. And apart from taking time  it turns out that it’s quite simple and affordable too.

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how to bring old limestone or marble back to life

marble and limestone steps after polishing

Anyone who has renovated an old house previously will know that even when you think you’ve finished you haven’t really. Sorry to those of you currently renovating. The truth is old buildings require constant care, for me that’s why I love them. Taking care of a period property to me is similar to doing your best to look after the environment. Just as I want the planet to be there for future generations I would like the heritage that comes from our homes to be there also. During the Summer months I always turn to the outside jobs (maintaining the kerb appeal amongst other things) and one of those this year is resurfacing the front steps. Here’s a step my step guide on how to bring old limestone or marble back to life Continue Reading…

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How to repoint a stone wall

How to repoint a stone wall

If you follow me on Instagram you will probable already know that I have spent the last couple of weeks repointing our boundary wall. We are lucky to have it in one respect. It’s beautiful and covers our entire boundary. Having a walled garden is the best. The down side though is the maintenance required to keep it in tip top condition. And it’s our wall so I’m responsible for the upkeep of both sides. A few people have asked for this post on how to repoint a stone wall because theirs are falling into disrepair too. It’s actually not hard to do. Just time consuming, backbreaking and not in the slightest bit glamorous. But I promise it’s rewarding too, when you stand back to admire your work. Not to mention it hugely improves on the kerb appeal of your home too. Continue Reading…

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Small Teenagers Bedroom Reveal

Small Teenagers bedroom reveal After

If you’ve been following my Instagram Story’s or read the post on my design for youngest RFW’s bedroom you’ll know I’ve been a busy bee the last few weeks. Actually, before I go any further I should apologise for the lack of posting on Instagram. Or for that matter commenting too for the last week or so. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. But boy has this room makeover caused chaos in the rest of the house! Like epic mess!! Thankfully apart from a few little bits. And what feels like 742 tip runs the house is slowly getting back to normal. Well our normal anyway. And so I thought you might like to see my youngest teenagers small bedroom now it’s finished, ready for the reveal? Continue Reading…