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Keep up to date with all the latest trends in Interior Design right here! Whilst I may not be a slave to the latest fashions I do like to keep my eye on the ball. Trends often give a nod and a wink to the past. Take the recent reemergence of the lowly pineapple for instance! Once known as the fruit of kings it’s been around for centuries in both architecture and design.

Here you will find what’s big, about to be big and also the trends I would like to see in interior design. Think mood boards, concept drawings, and most off all how we can achieve the looks on a budget. Because ya know, just because we have a lemonade budget doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a champagne interior!

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Monochrome Hallway Design

My Current Hallway


It’s all go chez the RFW  household at the moment. I’ve definitely got my decorating mojo back with a vengeance. Youngest RFW’s bedroom is complete bar a couple of bits I’m waiting for. And they’re exciting bits at that. And so now I’m moving onto the dreaded hall, stairs and landing. I’ve talked about Monochrome design before and that’s the way my hallway is going. Isn’t this area of the home the worst to decorate though? Firstly you’ve got that stupidly high drop over the stairs. And secondly oh sooooo much woodwork. And doors!! Count them, I have 9 doors to paint! Thank goodness there’s only one window though. Continue Reading…

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Small Teenagers Bedroom Reveal

Small Teenagers bedroom reveal After

If you’ve been following my Instagram Story’s or read the post on my design for youngest RFW’s bedroom you’ll know I’ve been a busy bee the last few weeks. Actually, before I go any further I should apologise for the lack of posting on Instagram. Or for that matter commenting too for the last week or so. I am slowly getting back into the swing of things. But boy has this room makeover caused chaos in the rest of the house! Like epic mess!! Thankfully apart from a few little bits. And what feels like 742 tip runs the house is slowly getting back to normal. Well our normal anyway. And so I thought you might like to see my youngest teenagers small bedroom now it’s finished, ready for the reveal? Continue Reading…

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Mini Bathroom Makeover

Mini Bathroom Makeover

After updating my loo, the bathroom felt a little sterile and bland. I guess it’s the decorating domino effect at work again. You know how it goes, no sooner have you finished a room all of a sudden it leads to an idea for the next. And so we keep going. Round and round the house on a decorating loop. Living our own version of Changing Rooms. Hopefully without the stencilling and overtly prolific use of peach! Anyhoo, back to the task in hand. The bathroom was completely redone about 8 years ago. It is looking slightly out of date when you compare it to bathroom styles now. Trouble is I haven’t got the budget to rip everything out and start again. So the bathroom is having a mini makeover to hopefully give it a new lease of life.

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Vestibule Makeover

Vestibule Makeover from Raspberry Flavoured Windows

Vestibule, a small room or chamber which separates the outer door of a home from the interior of a building. I’m not quite sure why some homes have them. Maybe it’s so we can greet a visitor and decide whether we want them to come into our home. Maybe it’s to reduce heat loss?? Whatever the reason I’m lucky enough to have one. It may be small in stature but as with all my small rooms I want it to be big on style and so I decided to give my own vestibule a makeover.

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My 2019 Wish List – Part 2

My 2019 Wish List - Part 2

Well now the boring list is out of the way, this is the fun list. My more exciting 2019 Wish List, the part 2 version! If you read my last post then you will know there’s a list as long as both my arms (legs, head, actually all my body parts and more) of DIY’s that need doing around this old money pit in the next 12 months. It didn’t make for the most visually appealing post but it helped me to really hone in on the massive amount that needs doing. I’m not sure if I’m more frightened of the list or confident now that at least I’ve said out it out loud. Someone might need to email the post to Mr RFW though because I haven’t told him all of my plans as yet! Continue Reading…