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Keep up to date with all the latest trends in Interior Design right here! Whilst I may not be a slave to the latest fashions I do like to keep my eye on the ball. Trends often give a nod and a wink to the past. Take the recent reemergence of the lowly pineapple for instance! Once known as the fruit of kings it’s been around for centuries in both architecture and design.

Here you will find what’s big, about to be big and also the trends I would like to see in interior design. Think mood boards, concept drawings, and most off all how we can achieve the looks on a budget. Because ya know, just because we have a lemonade budget doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a champagne interior!

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Raspberry Flavoured Windows – The Shop

Raspberry Flavoured Windows Limited Edition Art

Hello lovelies, can you hear the fanfare playing in the background? No! How about the drum roll? No?? Surely you can. I’m letting you into a little secret, guess what? Yep, that’s right. The clue is in the title. I’m only launching a THE shop here on Raspberry Flavoured Windows! Eeekkkkk! Please be gentle with me. Well currently it’s more like a single product but hey, from small acorns and all that…… Continue Reading…

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My Plans for a Glam Man Cave Bedroom

My Landing

Way back at the beginning of this year I created 2 posts. Both were wish lists for the things I’d like to achieve with the house. A bit like a decorating New Years resolution list. One list is for all the boring practical things that need doing. The other for the more exciting decorating and faffing. I’m secretly so happy that I wrote these posts as I’ve been going back to them to tick them off and link them to posts as I go along. And actually I’ve given myself a pat on the back too, I didn’t realise I could achieve this much in 6 months that’s for sure. So now’s the turn of Eldest RFW. Here’s my plans for a glam man cave style bedroom for him. Continue Reading…

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Making The Most Of A Small Bedroom

Making the most of a small bedroom

If like me you have one bedroom that is so tiny you can barely swing a cat in it then this is the post for you. Having a four bedroomed home and three children means what was once the nursery is now the home of youngest RFW. Who  at approaching 17 is also six foot two and still growing. So when it became time to redecorate his bedroom you can imagine the design dilemmas it gave me. Making the most of a small bedroom though is not as hard as you think. Here’s ?? ways to make the space feel much bigger. Continue Reading…

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Monochrome Hallway Makeover Reveal

Monochrome Hallway Reveal


That’s it, I’ve decided on the epitaph for my gravestone. ‘Here lies Rachel, she hasn’t decorated her hallway since 2019!’ I am never, repeat never, decorating the hall, stairs and landing ever again! Talk about cut off from the world. My every waking moment for the last three weeks has been spent painting. I had the walls and ceilings done in less than a week, but OMFG there is A LOT of woodwork. And cutting in! No masking tape was used or harmed in the process of this makeover. Mainly due to nothing being straight! Are you ready to see my monochrome hallway makeover reveal? As usual everything was striped, painted, sanded, painted, undercoated, painted and finally designed by moi. Continue Reading…

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How To Do Monochrome Interiors

How To Do Monochrome Interiors

How to do monochrome interiors?? The combination of black and white is one of the best when it comes to interior design. Classic and always in fashion this scheme is fabulously versatile. The mood of a room can easily be transformed too with just a change of accessories. Add a primary colour to pull off a more contemporary edge. Or a soft rose pink for a more feminine vibe. For me my go to accents colours are green and gold. I love the glam look but the addition of green for me softens it. Actually I love all jewel colours. Their ability to add elegance and a luxurious feel without having to spend a fortune always raises the end result. They transform a room from high street to high end. Continue Reading…