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Modern Maximalist Sitting Room

Modern Maximalist Sitting Room

OK, I’ll admit it. My name is Rachel and I’m a fabric addict. I loveeeeee fabric. Doesn’t matter what kind, silk, linen, velvet…….. But it does have to feel and look wonderful. In fact I am soooooo particular about fabrics that there are hardly any soft furnishings in my home. I am that picky! It has to pass the staring at it for hours test. The move it around the room in at least 37 million different places test. And it has to pass the caressing the cheek test. I know. I’m weird like that! My point being that whilst I love fabric I am also extremely annoying about what makes the cut when it comes to being included in my home.  And so a couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a revelation! So here are my plans for my modern maximalist sitting room makeover.


Modern Maximalist Sitting Room
viridis teal from Black Editions Zafaro Collection – Hand dyed to create energy and movement


Artistically bold, Viridis is a striking velvet, randomly spray-dyed by hand to create an irregular stripe. With a tactile touch and charming lustre, this statement design creates eye-catching upholstery.


But first back to my revelation! Which came on the back of an invite to a webinar. You know how some webinars don’t quite hook you in? Well this one was the complete opposite! I was invested hook, line and sinker. Not only was it about my secret fetish (fabric) it was also one of the most glorious collections I’ve ever seen! It was as though the stars had aligned and I had a light bulb moment. The collection is from Black Edition part of the Romo group. And to sum them up in one sentence Black Edition fabrics and wall papers blend sophisticated textures, innovative weaving techniques and artisan effects with a visionary colour palette. In fact this latest collection really is an inspiration.


Modern Maximalist Sitting Room

nuala teal – Although I’m going for the the orion colourway


Large, velvet polka dots dance across woven metallic yarns in a sumptuous play of light and shade. This striking velvet is carefully spray-dyed by hand to give an alluring movement of colour.


The theme for the new collections is Modern Maximalism. Now I would never consider this to be something that springs to mind in relation to my style. But this isn’t just maximalism, it’s a modern take on it. A more considered approach. It’s about the juxtaposition (love that word) of texture, pattern, colour and scale. It’s about fabric and wallcoverings becoming art. And about layering. Being bold but at the same time knowing where to draw the line. It’s about making a statement whilst remaining tailored. It’s a middle space somewhere between minimal and maximal. And do you know what, I think that is where I sit. I love to add a surprise or two to my interiors but I am also a less is more person. And so this Modern Maximalist collection immediately spoke to me.



Modern Maximalist Sitting Room
Matiko Malachite from the zafaro collection – seen here on the sofa


With a charming sense of opulence, colourful printed shapes form a contemporary geometric velvet that’s rich in texture. Uniquely woven with a shadow weave effect, elusive elements wonderfully play with the light.


Even more so when I throw my jukebox into the equation. The one element of colour currently in my sitting room. I love it’s retro 70’s vibe and the teal geometric light up panels on the front. I bought it many moons ago as a gift to my husband, you really can’t beat the sound of vinyl especially when like my husband you are into your music. And when this baby is on full volume I tell you it makes the windows rattle and the walls shake! But whilst I love the jukebox it has never really worked in the sitting room. And so for years it resided (lost and forlorn) at one end of the sitting room. Silently awaiting a day when I would have one of my lightbulb moments. And when I saw this new collection from Black Edition it finally arrived.


My Rockola Jukebox

our juke box – the starting point of the makeover


The jukebox is oh so thankful too on a personal level with me. No longer shunned it will now take pride of place between my two chimney breasts waiting to be partnered by its new soft furnishings! Not only that but everything will be made by me. So what does that mean for you in the coming weeks? Well there’s going to be a how to make curtains blog. A how to make a Roman Blind post. And a how to make a lampshade from scratch post too! And possibly, very possibly a simple guide on upholstery too. I’m thinking dark, luxurious, velvet (lots of velvet). Oh and gold of course! And at some point 2 delicious rugs as yet to be discovered and to reupholster my sofas.


Modern Maximalist Sitting Room Makeover


viridis teal from Black Editions Zafaro Collection – nuala teal Matiko Malachite All from Black Edition by Romo – Classical Style Oversized Black & Gold Head Statue From Rockett St George – Bollocks Limited Edition Canvas Hampton Large Round Pouffe in Twilight Blue Velvet from Made – Bourgie Table Lamp in Gold From Heals


So what do you think of my modern maximalist sitting room makeover plans? It should at the very least keep me busy until Spring has finally sprung whereupon I will be decamping to the garden for the foreseeable 🙂  I’m another step closer to finally fulfilling the sitting room of my dreams. And looking forward to a winter (long in the future may it be) where a force 10 gale doesn’t make its way through those huge and  draughty sashes of the bay window. Oh, though there is the small matter of disassembling my fireplace at some point this year and fixing the cast iron insert too. It buckled and snapped a month or so ago and so no fires for the foreseeable until I work out how to dismantle and repair it!


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  • Reply Gude at Synsera Homes April 7, 2021 at 3:15 pm

    How gorgeous! I love this collection. Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Super luxe and beautiful colour combos. Thank you for sharing.

    • Reply Rachel Edmonds April 11, 2021 at 3:54 pm

      Thank you so much, I can’t wait to share the big reveal.

  • Reply LifeStyle Connected June 9, 2021 at 10:14 am

    I’m quite jealous I didn’t make that selection myself. These colours are so warm and cozy, and the items are all really original (I’m in love with the golden bust statue). Great stuff Rachel!

    • Reply Rachel Edmonds June 9, 2021 at 1:05 pm

      Aw thank you, I’m in love with that bust too, it’s a stunner isn’t it!

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