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Welcome to my home lovelies, no need to take your shoes off! Come on in, would you like coffee? Tea? Wine? We are very much an open open house, no standing on formalities. Here I will share with you my ever evolving home.

With a period property I feel we are caretakers rather than owners. We look to take care of the home to pass on to it’s next caretakers, the one after that and the ones that come for many years more. A home full of history and a bright future too.

My Kitchen

Mini Kitchen Revamp

Mini Kitchen Revamp With Cult Furniture

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a serial decorator. There, I said it! I get well stressed when I go more than a couple of weeks without any creative outlet. I become impossible to live with in fact! That said, I am always on a budget and so buying new things for the sake of buying new things is never an option for me. Even if I was lucky enough to be in that position I wouldn’t buy, buy, buy anyway. It’s just not me. When I do redecorate a room I always have to look at a the larger picture. I tend to get the bones of a room in place then tackle one area at a time with mini makeovers until the room is complete. This time I’m tackling our breakfast bar area as part of a mini kitchen revamp which Cult Furniture have very kindly helped me with. Continue Reading…

Interior Design, My Living Room

Raspberry Flavoured Windows – The Shop

Raspberry Flavoured Windows Limited Edition Art

Hello lovelies, can you hear the fanfare playing in the background? No! How about the drum roll? No?? Surely you can. I’m letting you into a little secret, guess what? Yep, that’s right. The clue is in the title. I’m only launching a THE shop here on Raspberry Flavoured Windows! Eeekkkkk! Please be gentle with me. Well currently it’s more like a single product but hey, from small acorns and all that…… Continue Reading…

My Home

2019 Mid Year Reflections

2019 Mid Year Reflections

OK so it’s not actually mid year but then I wrote my 2019 wish list in February so I reckon I’m about due a look back on what I hoped to achieve with the house this year. Although I’m generally a don’t look back person. Believing that looking forward is much more positive. I do think if you’ve gotten into a rut that taking a look at how far you’ve come with your goals can be very productive. Having said that I’m only at the beginning of writing this short but sweet post, I’ll tell you at the end if it was a worthwhile exercise. So here we go, my 2019 mid year reflections, or should I say ramblings?? Continue Reading…

Interior Design, My Hallway

Monochrome Hallway Makeover Reveal

Monochrome Hallway Reveal


That’s it, I’ve decided on the epitaph for my gravestone. ‘Here lies Rachel, she hasn’t decorated her hallway since 2019!’ I am never, repeat never, decorating the hall, stairs and landing ever again! Talk about cut off from the world. My every waking moment for the last three weeks has been spent painting. I had the walls and ceilings done in less than a week, but OMFG there is A LOT of woodwork. And cutting in! No masking tape was used or harmed in the process of this makeover. Mainly due to nothing being straight! Are you ready to see my monochrome hallway makeover reveal? As usual everything was striped, painted, sanded, painted, undercoated, painted and finally designed by moi. Continue Reading…

Interior Design, My Hallway

Monochrome Hallway Design

My Current Hallway


It’s all go chez the RFW  household at the moment. I’ve definitely got my decorating mojo back with a vengeance. Youngest RFW’s bedroom is complete bar a couple of bits I’m waiting for. And they’re exciting bits at that. And so now I’m moving onto the dreaded hall, stairs and landing. I’ve talked about Monochrome design before and that’s the way my hallway is going. Isn’t this area of the home the worst to decorate though? Firstly you’ve got that stupidly high drop over the stairs. And secondly oh sooooo much woodwork. And doors!! Count them, I have 9 doors to paint! Thank goodness there’s only one window though. Continue Reading…