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As part of the RFW Loves section of the blog here I share all my favourite brands. Brands that have an ethos similar to mine. Only affordable, innovative brands who hit the mark appear here though. All thoughts and opinions are my own even if items have been gifted to me.


I hope you enjoy getting to know the brands as much as I have. I’m always on the look out for something a little different so if you’re a company or you know of a company that would fit please do reach out and contact me. I’d love to create a little black book of ethical companies who align themselves with the slow movement.




RFW Loves Schneider Electric Switches and Sockets

RFW Loves Schneider Electric Switches and Sockets

This post is sponsored by Schneider Electric. We often forget Interior fittings like light switches and plug sockets until right at the end of a project. But these last minute purchases are often the finishing touches to a room. And should therefore be thought about from day dot of a design. Granted, choice has up until now been kind of limited. But long gone are the days where white plastic is acceptable. Today we want not only function but form too. For a happy home everywhere we look we should see our own vision of beauty. This is where Schneider Electric comes in, established over 180 years ago their aim is to bring your home back to life with a wide range of beautiful, high quality light switches and sockets and RFW loves them. In fact, with so many ranges to choose from your choices are endless . They have the perfect switch or socket to suit your style and complete your room. Continue Reading…

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A Kitchen Update with Samsung

Post contains gifted item from Samsung

At 15 years old my old American style fridge freezer was on it’s last legs. The fresh water dispenser and ice making machine had long since packed up, the lights no longer worked, all the door shelves had broken and the fridge seemed to freeze everything whilst the freezer didn’t quite manage to freeze anything. Add in to the mix that every so often I would wake up to a flooded kitchen  (how does that even happen with the water supply is turned off) and well, it had come to the end of it’s lifespan. You can imagine then just how extremely grateful, stupidly excited and over the moon I was when Samsung asked me if I would like to try one of their American fridge freezers and talk a little about how it helps in our day to day life. So come and  join me on a kitchen update with Samsung. Continue Reading…


Trying Out The HP 14-dk0008na 14″ Laptop with AO

HP Laptop Review with AO

*POST CONTAINS GIFTED ITEMS* Did you know that support for Windows 7 ends on the 14th of January 2020? I had no idea until a notification popped up on my laptop! Queue panic mode. Without a laptop I will be lost. My blog is my little space in the world where I get to be me. When I write I get to switch off and immerse myself in the enjoyment of wittering on. You can only imagine the rush of fear that this may be taken away from me. Add in that my old laptop is at least 10 years old! Half the buttons aren’t working anymore and one of the hinges is broken. Along with it getting so hot after half an hour that you can spot weld with it. It is time for a new one. So I’ve been trying out the HP 14-dk0008na 14″ Laptop with AO.COM Continue Reading…



Jonathan Adler and H&M Collaboration

OMG! OMG! I mean OMG! Be still my beating heart, I actually can’t believe it but THE KING (as far as I’m concerned) of Interior design is bringing his style to the masses. H&M home are always at the forefront of High Street design but now they have taken this a step further! The have only gone and collaborated with Jonathan Adler to create a collection for us lovers of high end style with teeny tiny budgets! I mean Jonathan Adler x H&M Home, how much better can it get than that?? Apologies if you already know this, I am often late to the party. Continue Reading…