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How To Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

Contains Gifted Item. Now anybody that knows me will almost certainly know that I am a self confessed serial plant killer. I try so hard to keep them alive. I have no idea how I manage it but ultimately on the whole they die. Usually within a couple of weeks. You may also know/not know my love of all things Italian. The country, the language, the effortless style of the population and OMG, the food. From pizza to pasta, risotto and everything in between. I would quite happily only eat Italian food for the rest of my life. So you can imagine one of the key ingredients that is always available in my kitchen is Basil. Every week I buy a new pot from the Supermarket and every week I throw one away. And that got me thinking, how to make supermarket basil last longer and keep it alive???


How To Make Super market Basil Last Longer

All You Need Is A Pot Of Basil, Some Gravel And Some Compost


Now as a master of nowt when it comes to vegetation or anything vaguely green it appears that miraculously the one thing I can do is grow Basil. Who’d have thunk it? Certainly not me that’s for sure. I haven’t bought any extra Basil now for a few weeks now so I reckon I’m onto something. Rather stupidly though I didn’t photograph the process for you! So imagine my delight when reached out to me and very kindly gifted me the Ilex Set Of Three Plant Stands in Black and Brass which fits my kitchen perfectly. Isn’t it stunning?? You can even use it outdoors too!


How To Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

I Noticed When You Remove The Basil From It’s Pot That The Roots Are Bound


So when I first did this I bought one plant in a round plastic pot and just plonked it into a pot I already had. I even remembered to water it! Guess what though? It died! So then I bought another, this time removing it from its plastic pot before popping it into the pretty one. This one managed a little longer but again dies within a couple of weeks. One thing I did notice though when transferring it into the pretty pot was that the roots were bound. So back to the supermarket I go and purchase plant number three. This time I carefully separate the roots out and divide the one tub into 3 smaller sections. Then using some compost I plant them into the three pots and give them a really good drink of water. You see the supermarkets put more than one plant in each tub and they just get to the point that they can’t grow anymore. And do you know what?


How To Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

I separated The Basil Into Three and Teased the Roots Out Gently


My divided Basils actually started to grow. Not just grow either but fill out the pot too. And by having three plants and not just one I can take leaves from all three each time I need some rather than decimating one plant at a time. And guess what also? They actually like being snipped. I take leaves from the tops just above a double leaf joint and it seems to encourage them to grow. They have just got bushier and bushier. Every couple of days when I first wake and go to fill the kettle I check on them and give them a good drink of water if they need it. I make sure to rotate them on the window ledge too so they don’t go lobsided.


Making Supermarket Basil Last Longer

I added Some Gravel to The Bottom Of Each Pot To Help With Drainage


Now I have no idea how long they will last for but I have all the basil I need on tap for now, my original attempt is well over a month old. And, my kitchen smells amazing. The aroma of basil is constantly in the air. All I need to do is close my eyes and breathe in and I can feel the warmth of the Amalfi sun on my back. It’s Naples in Newton Abbot everyday of the year!


Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

How To Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer – Day 1


So that, in a nutshell is how to make supermarket basil last longer. It really is that simple and if i can do it then anyone can. Let me know if you give it a try too, it’s a lovely little project and seeing my little plants greet me first thing in the morning makes my heart sing. It is wholly possible that I may (I admit this rather nervously) have been bitten by the gardening bug. What should I try next that’s easy to grow?


Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

The Ilex Pots Are definitely My New Fave – I’ll Update this post in a Month So You Can See Just How Much The Basil Grows

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