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DIY Amber Shampoo Bottles


As part of my mini bathroom makeover I wanted to not only make a move to reduce the amount of plastic that moves through the house but also give it an apothecary vibe. With five people in the house and a tiny bathroom storage is important. But I’m forever throwing away empty bottles and clearing up after everyone. So part of the makeover was to reduce the amount of plastic. Buy in bulk wherever possible. And encourage everyone to be a little tidier. After all dumping your used towel in the bath like I’m the daily maid is making my blood boil! Anyone elses children do that? Basically I’ve decanted our most used products into my DIY Amber Shampoo bottles. 


I’ve used two types of bottle. Both glass and plastic. I know part of the reason for creating these was to reduce plastics in the house. But I am also a safety girl! And I didn’t want one of the boys dropping a bottle in the shower. I felt the plastic alternative was definitely the way to go here. Whereas I’m more of a bath person and I felt glass would look much nicer on show. The beauty of using amber bottles is that they are UV protective and sterile so they’re perfect for decanting the products we love to use. But hate to look at! Why haven’t shampoo brands cottoned on to this? They’re reusable too. Just give them a wash and fill up again.


DIY Amber Shampoo Bottles



Amber Bottles (Mine are 500mls)


Label Making Machine


What you will need for you DIY amber shampoo bottles




Print your labels, I’ve just gone with Shampoo, Conditioner etc. But you could get creative like mane and tail or even put the name of the actual product on them. I used a Dymo Letra Tag for my labels. It only costs around £20 and is super easy to use. Just one thing though, the tape that comes with it is paper and not suitable for the bathroom. You will need to order the tape as well to ensure it’s waterproof.





Once you have printed your labels trim them with scissors if you want to. To be fair I haven’t. And then place them on the bottles. Make sure not to place the label over the seam in the glass though. It leaves an unsightly mark in the label.


Amber Bath Salts Jar



Decant away your shampoos and body washes to your hearts content. It really is a great feeling to get the ugly bottles out of sight. And I’ve now started buying everything in as large a container as possible to reduce the amount of waste the household creates.


I think the bathroom looks much more inviting with my DIY  amber shampoo bottles. What do you think? I’d love to hear, please do leave a comment below. The loo and bathroom feel much more united style wise after their mini makeovers. It feels like a spa day every time I luxuriate in the bath now. Especially with my Homemade Lavender Bath Salts  and Homemade Lavender Organic Soap. If you’ve never used bath salts, they’re my go to, I simply adore them and my easy to follow recipe really does up the anti and makes an amazing gift too. And don;t even get me started on the soap! It’s amazing!!


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