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how to make an envelope cushion

How To make an envelope cushion

Cushions! We all love them. They are the finishing touch to a room. Adding not only comfort but texture. They somehow bring a scheme together. And make a room feel finished. But what if, like me, you don’t have an endless budget to achieve the look that’s in your head? It’s much cheaper to make your own. Fabric can be bought very cheaply on the internet. And you can often pick up an off cut of designer fabric on Ebay large enough to make a cushion for a fraction of the cost from the manufacturer. So today I’m showing you how to make an easy peasy envelope (no zip required) cushion. I mean these are so easy my dog Buster could make one. Well if he had thumbs that is!!

Now most tutorials on making an envelope cushion tell you to only use one piece of fabric. But I don’t like this method at all! My analytical, overly anal, symmetrical mind can’t stand that there are only 2 outer seams where there should be 4. It doesn’t look professional and will always stand out as a homemade cushion. So my way though just as easy does take a little longer to make but it’s well worth that little bit of extra time.  Right, let’s stop talking cushions and get on and make some shall we.



How To make an envelope cushion











How To make an envelope cushion


First things first we need to cut out our fabric into squares. For a 45cm cushion pad you need one square that is 47cm x 47cm. One square that is 47cm x 30cm. And finally one that is 47cm x 40cm. You can either create a pattern out of paper which you pin to your fabric and cut around. Our if you are lazy like me just draw the square straight onto the fabric and then cut. Either way works on such a basic design. Just remember to use a set square on a sturdy hardback book perhaps to make sure you have 90 degree corners.


How To make an envelope cushion


Once your squares are cut out give the fabric an iron to get rid of any wrinkles. Now take you 47cm x 40cm piece and your 47cm x 30 piece.  Lay them right side down on your ironing board and turn over 1cm of fabric along one of the 47cm sides and iron in place. Fold it over on itself again and iron, just to be on the safe side it’s worth pinning in place too. This is your envelope seam.


How To make an envelope cushion


Take these pieces over to your sewing machine and using straight stitch sew along theses seams to hole them in place. I always pin at right angles to by fabric. This way you can sew the whole length without having to remove the pins as the sewing machine needle tends to glide over them. Meaning you don’t have to keep stopping your machine to remove a pin. You just take them all out once you’ve finished sewing.


How To make an envelope cushion


Now take your 47cm x 47cm piece of fabric and lay it down right side up. Next lay your 47cm x 40cm face down on top of it. The seam you have just created should be in the middle of the cushion not on a outside edge. Pin this in place and then repeat the process with the 47cm x 30cm piece of fabric. Be careful to make sure this is also face down.


How To make an envelope cushion


Once all pinned in place it’s time to get sewing. Leaving a 2cm gap from the edge of your fabric sew all around the cushion. Once complete take you scissors and snip straight across all four corners close to the stitching. This makes the corners nice and neat when you turn it right side out which is what you do next. I find once I’ve turned it right side out a ballpoint pen without a nib is great for pushing into the corners to get them nice and sharp.


How To make an envelope cushion


All that’s left to do now is to add your cushion pad. It really is that simple. And voila! You’ve created a unique, one of a kind accessory for far less than you can buy one on the high street. And you have the enjoyment of having made it yourself too. Oh and if you fancy jazzing it up a bit have a look at my stars and lightening bolt tutorial too. So what do you think? Have you ever made cushions before? Have I inspired you to give it a go? Please do leave me a comment by clicking on the speech bubble below, I do so love receiving them.


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    Great, clear tutorial, thank you for sharing. And that fabric is absolutely DIVINE!

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      Aw thank you, you are sooooo right too, the fabric is totally Divine!

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