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Mini Kitchen Revamp

Mini Kitchen Revamp With Cult Furniture

Hello, my name is Rachel and I am a serial decorator. There, I said it! I get well stressed when I go more than a couple of weeks without any creative outlet. I become impossible to live with in fact! That said, I am always on a budget and so buying new things for the sake of buying new things is never an option for me. Even if I was lucky enough to be in that position I wouldn’t buy, buy, buy anyway. It’s just not me. When I do redecorate a room I always have to look at a the larger picture. I tend to get the bones of a room in place then tackle one area at a time with mini makeovers until the room is complete. This time I’m tackling our breakfast bar area as part of a mini kitchen revamp which Cult Furniture have very kindly helped me with. Continue Reading…



Jonathan Adler and H&M Collaboration

OMG! OMG! I mean OMG! Be still my beating heart, I actually can’t believe it but THE KING (as far as I’m concerned) of Interior design is bringing his style to the masses. H&M home are always at the forefront of High Street design but now they have taken this a step further! The have only gone and collaborated with Jonathan Adler to create a collection for us lovers of high end style with teeny tiny budgets! I mean Jonathan Adler x H&M Home, how much better can it get than that?? Apologies if you already know this, I am often late to the party. Continue Reading…

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Raspberry Flavoured Windows – The Shop

Raspberry Flavoured Windows Limited Edition Art

Hello lovelies, can you hear the fanfare playing in the background? No! How about the drum roll? No?? Surely you can. I’m letting you into a little secret, guess what? Yep, that’s right. The clue is in the title. I’m only launching a THE shop here on Raspberry Flavoured Windows! Eeekkkkk! Please be gentle with me. Well currently it’s more like a single product but hey, from small acorns and all that…… Continue Reading…

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How Easy Is It To Install DIY Shutters

How Easy Is It To Install DIY Shutters

Who knew DIY shutters were a thing? I’ve always wanted shutters for youngest RFW’s bedroom but always thought them to be way out of my budget. They would enable him to control the amount of light coming into his room and thus balance his sensory needs in an instant. Being autistic sometimes he will crave bright light and sometimes darkness. Shutters are most definitely the answer as well as the perfect finishing touch to his sensory bedroom. You can imagine then just how happy I am that The Shutter Store kindly agreed to work with me to finish this project. But how easy is it to install DIY shutters? Let’s find out, I’m getting youngest RFW to do all the work! Continue Reading…