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Victorian Walled Garden Makeover Plans

Garden Makeover Plans

Once upon a time, long long ago I vowed never to share my garden on here or Instagram. Somewhere half way between council tip and car breakers yard it is the bane of my life along with being a constant embarrassment. And believe me it takes a special skill to create this amount of havoc. When the boys were tiny I kept it ticking over. And then somehow it just stopped being used apart from the odd BBQ. Then the dreaded car phase started. They all want a classic and to do them up. Only they didn’t want to tidy up. So I closed the back door only stepping foot into the garden when absolutely necessary, trying to avoid looking left or right at the ever increasing ‘Stig Of The Dump’ vibe.  So now I’m putting my brave pants on. Here are my makeover plans for our Victorian walled garden. Continue Reading…


National Home Improvement Month with Schneider Electric

The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

This post is sponsored by Schneider Electric. Well what a year we’ve had so far though it seems that many of us are using the extra time on our hands and putting it to good use. Millions of us are getting to grips with DIYs and making home improvements. Our homes are working harder than ever for us and it seems we are doing the same for them in return. In fact a detailed report in the Property Reporter says at least one in ten of us has cracked on with a DIY job or two in the last few months. So much so that DIY stores are bucking the trend and thankfully business is booming. So to celebrate us as nation of DIYer’s this September is National Home Improvement Month and I’ll be working with Schneider Electric on a few home improvements of my own. Continue Reading…


Find Your Style With Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

This post is sponsored by Schneider Electric.  Are you fed up of looking at your light switches and sockets? Perhaps you forget to update them when you last decorated? Or maybe you’re thinking of redecorating right now. Have you remembered to include upgrading your sockets too? After all, nothing lets a room down more than white sockets and switches! From a design perspective it’s a huge no no. Unless of course you’re planning a monochrome scheme and then, well, all’s fair in love and war. The thing is though that sometimes it’s hard to visualise just how a socket or switch is going to look with your decor and that’s where ‘Find Your Style’ from Schneider Electric comes in.


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ufurnish A Totally New Way To Shop


This post is sponsored by ufurnish. What if I told you there was a new way to shop for furniture? No really. A totally unique way that allows you to find and compare all that is home decor. All in one place. And from over 100 retailers, big and small. From High Street giants to smaller independents like John Lewis, Dunelm and Grace & Grey all in one place for the first time. In a recent survey 74% of people taking part said they find furniture shopping frustrating. Trawling the internet to find the best buy for your bucks is time consuming and not the enjoyable process we initially think it will be. And that is exactly why Deirdre Mc Gettrick founded ufurnish.com, to create a totally new way to search and shop for furniture and home accessories. Continue Reading…

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How To Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

Make Supermarket Basil Last Longer

Contains Gifted Item. Now anybody that knows me will almost certainly know that I am a self confessed serial plant killer. I try so hard to keep them alive. I have no idea how I manage it but ultimately on the whole they die. Usually within a couple of weeks. You may also know/not know my love of all things Italian. The country, the language, the effortless style of the population and OMG, the food. From pizza to pasta, risotto and everything in between. I would quite happily only eat Italian food for the rest of my life. So you can imagine one of the key ingredients that is always available in my kitchen is Basil. Every week I buy a new pot from the Supermarket and every week I throw one away. And that got me thinking, how to make supermarket basil last longer and keep it alive??? Continue Reading…