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The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Way before I started decorating my kitchen, even before I started a Pinterest Board for inspiration I was researching paint. Since I started Raspberry Flavoured Windows obsessing is an understatement. You see, I knew I wanted to paint my very tired looking kitchen cabinets. But I was so afraid the paint would chip or peal off. After all if you’re going to spend all that time and effort painting you certainly don’t want it to look tatty again within a matter of weeks. So for months I sat at my laptop searching paints brands. I wanted the paint the top companies use not your normal off the shelf make. And wow, it was hard to track down. Like a best kept professional secret that us DIYer’s were not allowed in on. So what is the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets I hear you ask?

The Best Brand Of Paint for Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve read my ‘Broke Person’s Guide to Decorating‘ then you know my first go to is paint. And boy I’ve tried them all. In fact I’ve tried almost as many brands as I’ve had hot dinners! The disappointing fact is none of them would be up to the job of painting kitchen cabinets! All the research I found pointed to one brand that I personally have never heard of. Do you want to know which one it is? Or shall I make you wait a little longer? The best thing about this brand is that you can have it made in any colour too! So the fact that I wanted to take my kitchen dark because as you know I love the dark side of interiors and that wanted F&B Downpipe wasn’t a problem. And they deliver too, next day if you need it!


The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Not only can you have the colour of your choice but as a system they also have one of the best and most highly recommended primers too. Which much to my surprise can also be ordered in the colour of your choice. Name the brand, name your colour and they will make it up for you. At this point I’m feeling like an advert for them but they have no idea I’m sharing the secret with you all for the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets. I’m just so happy with the finish that I want to share it with you. There is not a chip or scratch anywhere even after 6 months of constant use.


The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets


So if you are about to give your kitchen cupboards a revamp the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets is Tikkurila. It’s a Finnish brand that’s been around since 1862 and I have to say until I was researching what paint to use I had never heard of them. I bought mine from Holman Specialist Paints who were extremely helpful over the telephone to help me choose exactly the right products for the job. And to top it off my order was with me within 24 hours too.


The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets


The Primer I used is called Otex. Having no idea what paint the cabinets had previously had I went for the none water based version. This was the safest option with the least risk of a paint reaction. It’s super quick drying and a primer and undercoat in one. It also blends in any cracks or chips that are already there. It fact it’s so good at drying I had to thin it down as it was almost drying as I applying it. By the time the last door had it’s second layer of primer I had almost as much paint in the tin as I started with. In fact one three litre tin was enough for two coats on all my cabinet doors. Plus three house doors and two huge windows as well and I still have about a quarter of a tin left!


The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets


For the top coat I went with Helmi Furniture Paint which can be used on a wide range of interior surfaces,and is available in  gloss, semi-matt and matt  finishes. It really is ultra hard wearing too and and easy to clean. It will resist cleaning detergents and weak solvents making it perfect for kitchen cabinets. Again you can have it made up in any colour from any manufacturer and it’s super easy to use too. I thinned it slightly which made it go even further just like the primer. Being water based it’s super easy to clean your brushes too.


The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets


So there you have it, if you’re planning on painting your kitchen cabinets this is the brand for you. It really is the best brand of paint for kitchen cabinets! I really cannot recommend it highly enough. If it’s good enough for the high end bespoke kitchen manufacturers it’s good enough for me. And if you, like me have been thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover, hopefully I’ve given you the confidence to give it a go. Have you used Tikkurila yourself? What do you think of it, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Oh, and by the way, if you love my Brass Plinths, I’ve also written a post all about how to make them. And, if like me you struggle with the choosing the right paint for the job, check out this post too. Oh and for that final flourish why not add a splash of gold with my DIY gold leaf wall letters And if you are unsure about whether your walls should go dark then this might help to convince you.

The Best Brand Of Paint For Kitchen Cabinets



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  • Reply Jane Coomber (@JaneCoomber1) November 24, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    thanks so much Rachel, ill let you know how i got on, im looking at a semi matt finish charcoal grey or black , just gotta confince the husband!

    • Reply Rachel Edmonds November 24, 2018 at 5:47 pm

      I always tell my husband that it’s only paint and if he doesn’t like it I’ll change it. It seems to work and so far I think only once I’ve had to repaint though to be honest it was one of those moments that even as I was applying the paint I knew it wan’t right too. I kept telling myself it would look better when it was finished but it so didn’t!

  • Reply Mary T Williamson December 29, 2018 at 11:44 am

    I’ve just painted my kitchen cupboards dark & love it but got the paint shop ( local) to just keep adding black until I got the colour I want ??but again they advised the one which dries so quickly – was soooo tired of the plain wood- result

    • Reply Rachel Edmonds December 30, 2018 at 11:16 am

      That sounds like a great way to get the colour you want. You must have a great paint shop too. I completely get the being tired pf the plain wood, it starts to feel dreary after a while doesn’t it?

  • Reply Linda May 3, 2021 at 7:12 pm

    Hi Rachel,
    New to your posts and loving all you stuff ! Does this paint cover melamine kitchen units too ?

    • Reply Rachel Edmonds May 5, 2021 at 10:59 am

      Hi Linda, thank you so much, that’s so lovely of you to say. And yes, as long as you use the Otex first you will be fine, I’ve just checked on their website and it includes melamine. It really is amazing stuff, it’s the only primer I ever use now as it adheres to just about anything!

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