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Moving to The Dark Side Of Interiors

Moving to The Dark Side Of Interiors



Interior fashion is a fickle thing. It’s the type of friend who moves on to bigger and better things and somehow manages to forget about you along the way. With each season comes a new fashion. All of a sudden you’re supposed to just throw away yesterdays pineapples and embrace today’s flamingo! There has always been a new look to follow. But over the last few years it’s become apparent that people are beginning to embrace their own style. There’s a move to stamp a bit of personality on our own four walls. Transforming houses into real homes rather than the carbon copies the retail interior giants would impose on us. One such way of life (I say this because this style is not just about fashion it’s an expression of the inner self) is seeing more and more people moving to the dark side of interiors.


I love how the movement is described as the ‘dark side’. It feels like we should somehow be channelling our inner Darth Vader. I for one love my own death star. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to popular belief we are not all returning to our teenage Goth selves (well maybe a little). Instead we are creating homes that feel right for us. If you open the doors of my own wardrobe you will find that the majority of my clothes are black. I suddenly realised that my home didn’t reflect who I am. No wonder I never felt truly relaxed in my all ‘New White’ Farrow & Ball bedroom (fancy seeing how I transformed it?). It just had to go!


The point is that our lives are so busy and full on that if our homes don’t truly reflect who we are then how can we completely relax. Whether dark interiors are your thing or not I urge you to transcend fashions. Find a look that is unique to you. Not only will it save your purse strings from snapping under the weight of ever changing fashion. But your home will slowly blossom and evolve to become an extension of yourself.


Moving To The Dark Side Of Interiors


Moving over to the dark side of interiors has been an enlightening experience for me. Rather than my rooms feeling smaller and darker as many people would think. They have become more spacious! And somehow feel grander in nature, take my kitchen for instance. Moving to the dark side of interiors transformed it! I now love to just sit and relax where before I would always feel the need to be ‘doing’ and not really knowing why. Now my artwork pops on the walls. Suddenly everything looks a little more interesting.


The best thing about this movement for me is that although we ‘dark side’ lovers have the deeper hues in common we all have completely different decorating taste. Whilst each home has dark walls, the owners they belong to have put their own personal style stamp on each interior.  Just hop on over to Instagram and search for #styleitdark you’ll be amazed that although there’s a plethora of dark homes no two are the same. They are as unique as there owners. Oh. whilst your there take a peak at my account too @raspberry_flavoured_windows I’d love to hear your feedback.


Moving to The Dark Side Of Interiors


Moving over to the dark side of interiors may not be to everyone’s taste. And I certainly would never presume to say  it’s better than the light side. It’s just right for me. So whether you’re a Luke Skywalker or a Darth Vader lets all make the homes we live in our own. Lets ditch the throw away culture of the ever fickle world of following the latest fashion. I wonder exactly how many flamingos are now in landfill? And, if we all said enough already! Would the retailers start listening?


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