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A Garden Room Transformation

A garden room transformation by raspberry flavoured windows

One thing I love about my job as an E Interior Designer is not only creating a design but getting to see ‘the After’ pictures too. When an email pings into my inbox and I know it has pictures attached it’s like all my Christmases have arrived at once. This was certainly the case with a recent garden room transformation. Now when it comes to gardens and green things I am not normally one to go for when it comes to design. But this is quite different, it’s the most amazing space built at the end of a garden. A space for chilling, watching TV, eating and socialising.

A garden room Transformation- The Before

A Garden Room Transformation – The Before


A Garden Room Transformation – The Brief


Transform an outdoor space with the use of bold colours whilst retaining existing furniture to create an entertaining area for use both in the day and at night. Key points to include are:






 The Mood Board

A Garden Transformation - The Design


And so I set to work. My idea is to draw the eye through to the back of the garden and continue the beautiful greenery up onto the raised decking area creating a seamless transition from one to the other. The central panel on the back wall is in fact a sliding door to a storage area behind it. With a mirror placed on the door to reflect the garden and bounce light around it is the perfect focal point adding depth to the design. A rug centralises the seating area offset to the left with candle lanterns on the coffee table to create mood lighting once evening arrives. And the addition of potted plants  will also be of benefit to create a cohesive feel as you move from the garden onto the decking area.


A Garden Room Transformation - The Design


The use of the lighter contrast colour on the walls again creates a focal point and leads the eye to the features within the space. The larger of the two planters can be used on the left by the fence to create an extension of the garden with the smaller round one at the front right making the transition from one area to another much smoother. The decking and fencing go dark to reflect the homeowners love of darker spaces. It will make the greenery pop when they stand at the back door looking out over this most amazing space. Now are you ready for the after shots? I am so utterly over the moon with how it tuned out. As are the homeowners who have kindly allowed me to share it with you.


The Reveal


A garden room transformation by raspberry flavoured windows


A garden room transformation by raspberry flavoured windows


Testimonial. I have followed Rachel for a while and have always admired her style. I’ve loved watching her create something from a shoe string budget and the finished product looks like a million dollars. She has a great personality and is easy to talk to so she can get a true understanding of what you are about. Rachel understood the brief and hit the nail on the head. So much so we are now working on another room.



A garden room transformation by raspberry flavoured windows


A garden room transformation by raspberry flavoured windows


I’m thrilled with how the space turned out. All on a budget of £500 too. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a little imagination, a sprinkling of  determination and a few tins of paint. To be honest I have this space on my own wish list too, I literally would be out there 24/7. If you have a space that’s getting you down and you’re not sure where to make a start please do drop me a line. I have two E Design packages available, both are a cost effective way to transform any space you may be struggling with.  Designed by me, just for you.


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