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Raspberry Flavoured Windows as featured on Audenza

The girls over at Audenza are absolutely the best! Not only have they got a key eye for design. But they’re business savy too. And along side their ‘get out of here’ online interiors boutique they also have an award winning blog! So you can imagine how exciting it was to find out they would like to feature my home there. To grace their pages alongside some of the best homes on Instagram was thrilling.

I’ve known the girls over at Audenza for a few years now from my previous job in the interiors world. And I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they are the nicest bunch you could wish to meet. Not only have they been kind enough to feature my own home. But my content too as I’ve also been a guest blogger for them too. This is what the girls had to say about my home:


We do love a house tour at Audenza, well we all like a nosey around other people’s homes, don’t we?  Not only for ideas and inspiration but sometimes just to see how the other half lives!  For those of you looking to move over to the dark side this family home is a winner – glamorous, exciting and so sexy.   And even if you are not a fan of dark and moody there is always ideas to pick up from the styling and design, such as that amazing gold fireplace.  I am so in love with that gold fireplace!


I’m over the moon that they love the gold fireplace in my bedroom. It was yet another interior design leap of faith that was going to be either a flop or roaring success. That’s the thing with interior design though isn’t it? If you don’t dip your toes in the water and think outside the box a little there would never be any new ideas. Now I’m not saying little old me is about to start any huge gold fireplace trends. But without larger designers making the difference there would be no choice out there on the High Street for the rest of us. What do you think? Should designers be bolder with their designs?


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