AU DEN ZA literally meaning to be bold, daring and courageous  was born in 2012. Run by Jacqui, Hollie and Amelia Brooks Audenza is an award winning online homeware boutique; created to add edge, style and interest to the homes of interesting people. Selling a fabulously quirky selection of homewares which ooze character and scream fearless style. Think iconic, bold and statement furniture, accented with eclectic, unique and ever so slightly eccentric home accessories.


Life’s too short to live in a beige box. It’s time to unleash the colour, release the kitsch and surround ourselves with pieces we love. It’s time to create homes that are as beautiful and unique as we are. We hear you. We are Audenza, ‘The ones who dare’.

We’d all like a home to be proud of. A home that puts a smile on our face the moment we walk through the door. A home that is a reflection of ourselves. So we’re here to tell you…

Be bold, be brave, be you.

Audenza is founded by three colourful women passionate about empowering others to have the courage to fearlessly embrace their own interiors style and to design a truly fabulous home #livefabulousandfearless.

Simply buying a product is not where the journey ends, and for some, knowing how to make the product look just as good in your own home can be tricky. Which is why we write our now award winning interiors and lifestyle blog to offer expert advice for styling, inspiration and designing your own fabulous home.