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Finalist In The 2020 Mineheart Interior Design Awards

Finalist In The Mineheart Interior Design Awards

I honestly can’t quite believe it but I’m a finalist in the Mineheart 2020 Interior Design Awards (MIDAS)! I have long been a fan of Mineheart, I love their approach to interiors. They treat the home as a work of art with the beautiful pieces they create and curate to adorn it. So when I saw they had their own Interiors Award I thought do I put myself through this again? You see I have tried several times, always unsuccessfully, to enter several other awards. I never, ever get through the voting stage. Even the one time I was pretty sure I would. My face just never quite fits if you get my drift. I am always the odd little biscuit that you either get or you don’t. What’s more I tend to be the only budget entry too.


And so for 3 years I have entered a whole host of Awards. And I tell myself I won’t get through so I don’t end up disappointed. But every time a bit of me remains hopeful. And every time those hopes are dashed. That is until now. It’s not that I want or need recognition either. It’s just that since we lost our business in 2017 I have been trying to rebuild myself. Part of who I am was wrapped up in that company and when it went so did that part of me. And with it, it took not only a 15 year career but my confidence too. And so in 2018 Raspberry Flavoured Windows was born. A way for me to try to get back to myself. And to try to build some form of new career from the ashes. As well as putting food on the table.


My focus has always been this blog, my own space in the world wide web. I own it, it’s mine and no one can take it from me. As yet (I’m ever hopeful) it is not the roaring success I had hoped for. But I work on it every day in some way or another. And little by little it’s growing. But to grow you have to put yourself out there (something I am not great at doing). No one is going to champion yourself more than you. But that’s not me, I am not that ‘look at me’ kind of personality anymore. I could do that when I was a ‘Brand’ it was my job to champion my baby. But Raspberry Flavoured Windows is ‘ME’, what you see is what you get. And because of that I am not very good at saying look how brilliant I am.


And yet at the same time I know I am good at what I do. Apart from re roofing this house I have done everything DIY, soft furnishing and  decorating wise to it. My father always told me I could do anything I put my mind to and that has always stuck with me. And I think I might have been a Terrier in a previous life because once I get hold something I never give up. Which is probably why I keep putting myself in for awards. But the Mineheart Interior Design Awards felt a bit different. They love quirk as much as I do. And for once I felt as though I may have a actual chance. So I put my best foot forwards (it’s my left one if you’re wondering). And I entered!


The Mineheart awards were created to celebrate the many talented extraordinary interior designers that Mineheart have worked with and showcase their great work to a wider interiors-led audience.


And then the awards went live. And oh my, the entries were amazing! Some of the designs just blow your socks off. And I thought there’s no way my budget friendly designs can compete with these amazing homes. But lovely bunch that you are you all voted for me. I really can’t thank you all enough. I really didn’t think it would be enough though to get through to the finals. You see only the top five can go through to the judging stage. And so I tried as always not to get my hopes up. And then yesterday the unthinkable happened! I was tagged in a post on Instagram by Mineheart.


I read the post and yelled to my husband, ‘OMG, I think I’m a finalist in the 2020 Mineheart Interior Design Awards’. And I say  think because as I scan read it the thought enters my mind that it’s was a post thanking those that hadn’t got though. As I say, all the designs were so amazing that truly everyone deserved to go before the judges. But no, I really have made it through to the finals. Actually I am still in shock with a side order of disbelief as I write this. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone of you that took the time to vote for me.


To be in the final five is good enough for me. It’s like competing with Fids before I retired him. I never went for the win, I just wanted to come home with a rosette. Although we did win a few and made it to HOYS too. This feels a bit like that. It is enough for me to have made it through to the finals. And now it is up to the judges. And a prestigious bunch they are too.


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