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Apartment Therapy Best Room Makeovers of 2018

Apartment Therapy Best Room Makeovers of 2018

Oh my goodness! What an amazing surprise to find out that this year Apartment Therapy featured my kitchen not once but twice! And this latest post is such a huge compliment too. My little kitchen makeover is one of the best room makeovers of 2018 on Apartment Therapy. Can you believe it? I certainly can’t! Of all the homes all over the world to choose from, they chose to include mine.

My kitchen makeover really was a labour of love. Not only is it tiny making it difficult for it to function as a kitchen at the same time as designing it. But the budget was tiny too! Yet again, a think outside the box makeover as so many of mine are. The space is small! And gaining maximum impact whilst ensuring it didn’t look like a 1940’s faded alcoholic filmstar a la Baby Jane was a hard line to toe. And for Apartment Therapy to include it in their yearly round up of best room makeovers for 2018 is the most perfect Christmas surprise a girl can ask for. Here’s what they had to say:


This extremely narrow kitchen had a lot going on in such a small space, but rather than trying to keep everything minimal, its owner wisely doubled down on the drama.

By painting the mantel dark and the cabinetry darker, then adding gold hardware to match the stove, Rachel Edmonds of Raspberry Flavoured Windows created a stunning, old-world kitchen in a ’90s shell.



Well that seems a fitting end to 2018. To end the year on a high after a roller coaster of a ride bodes well for a 2019.  I hope for all of us it’s an onwards and upwards year. 2019 is our year guys! It’s the year we go to bed at night and when we ask ourselves if tomorrow never came would today have been a good one for my last one on this earth? And the answer we are all going to give is a most emphatic yes! Let’s seize each day by its toes and live it to the max.


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