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Highly Commended in The Good Web Guide Awards

Highly Commended in The Good Web Guide Awards 2019

Pssst! I’m so excited, I mean like the sort of excited where you can’t stop smiling. And have an inane grin on your face even whilst nipping out for milk. That kind of smile where people are staring at you wondering if there’s actually something wrong with you but you actually don’t care. I only went and received a ‘Highly Commended’ in The Good Web Guide Awards.


The Good Web Awards are for individuals who are creating compelling content either through the written word, video or social posts. And this year the awards were open to bloggers too. For people who work tirelessly giving their readers a snapshot of their lives and interests. Now these awards are a big thing and the judges are leading experts in their fields so I never thought I would reach The Shortlist.


Highly Commended - The Good Web Guide Awards


I was right, I didn’t. But then image my surprise to find an email in my inbox. I may not have reached the shortlist for this years awards but they feel I deserve a special mention. With a ‘Highly Commended’. The Good Web Guide Awards were set up to help navigate the vast amount of content that exists on the Internet. They exist to ask the big questions:


What separates a good website from a great one? What elevates an app from mildly interesting to indispensable? Is there room for yet more players on the blogosphere’s stage (answer: always). Above all, the Awards were created to celebrate talented people across a range of fields. Those who dedicate their lives to achieving the exceptional in the digital sphere.


It’s tough maintaining an online presence, whether you’re running a website, an app, keeping up with the latest changes in SEO practice, bigging up your presence on social media or running a blog which seems to encompass all of the above. The Good Web Guide awards know what it’s like and are full of admiration for the people behind these enterprises. They’re here to celebrate those of us doing a great job. And here to salute the sites that are doing a great job and deserve a special mention.


So I’d like to say a huge thank you to The Good Web Guide Awards, I will cherish my ‘Highly Commended’ for many years to come. I have put blood, sweat and tears into my little corner of the world wide web, literally. And to receive such an accolade has made a great end to my first year as an interior blogger.


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