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How To Do Monochrome Interiors

How To Do Monochrome Interiors

How to do monochrome interiors?? The combination of black and white is one of the best when it comes to interior design. Classic and always in fashion this scheme is fabulously versatile. The mood of a room can easily be transformed too with just a change of accessories. Add a primary colour to pull off a more contemporary edge. Or a soft rose pink for a more feminine vibe. For me my go to accents colours are green and gold. I love the glam look but the addition of green for me softens it. Actually I love all jewel colours. Their ability to add elegance and a luxurious feel without having to spend a fortune always raises the end result. They transform a room from high street to high end.


As much as I love monochrome schemes it often gets a bad rep in interior design. Often thought as cold or stark, it can when done well be. The key if to introduce contrast, richness and warmth with the addition of texture, detailing and colour. Whilst any interior scheme benefits from layering and texture, none so much as that of the monochrome one. Texture and layering have to take over in the absence of colour. This creates subtleties in the play of light and shadow which is why I love this scheme. There is something magical about it.


How To Do Monochrome Interiors



Monochrome interiors are the absolute best when it comes to creating a luxury interior on a budget. The most important thing to consider with a monochrome room is do you go full on white with a hint of black? Or conversely predominantly black with the of white accent? The key to a successful monochrome interior is that one or the other must be dominant. Which ever balance of white to  black you choose is up to you. But this scheme is one of the best examples of where to you the 60-30-10 rule of interior design. Let me explain:


  • 60% of the room should be decorated with your main colour choice.
  • 30% of the room should be your secondary colour.
  • 10% of the room should be your accent colour


I suppose the best way to translate this is by giving a visual reference. Think of a mans business suit. You know, the old fashioned type that bankers used to wear back in the 80’s! 60% of the outfit comes from the trousers and jacket that make up the suit. 30% of the colour comes from the shirt. And the final 10% comes from the tie and hanky.


How to do monochrome interiors



Once you decide on black or white for the main colour you can then make decisions on walls and flooring. Balance this up with the larger pieces of furniture, rugs etc. And finally have fun with your accent colour. Remember this is only 10% of the room though. It’s a case of less is more. Finally, to give the room a more homely feel make sure to mix up your textures too and layering.


As black also absorbs light I find introducing metallics (in my case normally gold or brass) to the scheme can help to lift a monochrome interior. I find silver can be a little stark but is great for a more formal feel. Copper can be too in your face and I think is on the end of it’s recent resurgence. And so for me it’s gold tones all the way. They inject a warmth that the other metallics can only be jealous of.


How to do monochrome interiors



When it comes to how to do monochrome interiors keeping it simple is often the key to achieving a perfect finish. By teaming black with white and balancing the two perfectly you can achieve a stunning effect. For me it works so perfectly with my other dark painted rooms. The epitome of classic chic, it’s like the home version of Audrey Hepburn. What do you think? Is it for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts, please do leave a comment below. Pinterest Board Oh, and if you love monochrome interiors just as much as me, I have the perfect just for you x


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