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Raspberry Flavoured Windows as Featured on Tile Mountain

Imagine my surprise to find my humble little kitchen featuring on the Tile Mountain Blog all about the trend that’s emerging for dark kitchens. The piece is written by Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy Blog fame! If you don’t follow her blog, how come? Please do check it out. It’s amaaazing! It’s a total surprise to find me featuring on the Blog and an absolute hour too. Check out what Kimberly had to say. 

As you may or may not know my kitchen recently underwent a makeover to the dark side. It was one of those leaps of faith that sometimes you have to take in interior design. And boy was I nervous when it came to the the big reveal as it’s a little out there. But, I have to say everyone has only had good things to say about it. Kimberly says:


Now, a dark kitchen may seem strange to the uninitiated. But for those that have embraced the ‘dark side’, there’s no doubt the finished result is certainly a head-turner. So, if you’re ready for something completely different, here are our top tips and inspiration for achieving a dark, mysterious, and moody look for your kitchen.

One of the most gorgeous ways to embrace two trends at once is to mix in a few warmer metallic shades like gold or copper which will go far in reflecting a bit of light around the room. Gold and brass taps are another big trend – check out our post on that for more inspiration – and they stand out and make a statement with darker colours as seen in Rachel’s kitchen.


Thank you so much Kimberly and Tile Mountain for featuring my kitchen. It really is such a lovely pat on the back. Especially after all the hard work that goes into a transformation like this.


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