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Manhattan Loft Inspired Small Bedroom

Manhattan Loft style small bedroom ideas


Youngest RFW is now almost six foot two and growing by the day. Truth be told he’s literally grown out of his bedroom! At just over six and a half foot square this room was originally our nursery. It’s destiny beyond that was to be my office/girl cave but I gave birth to one too many children for that to ever happen. There’s five of us and only 4 bedrooms so as the last child born the nursery became his forever room. The trouble is that the taller he gets, the harder and harder it’s becoming to fit him in there. Along with all the paraphernalia that comes with a teenager.  And as he will be 17 next Birthday a cabin bed is no longer cutting the muster! So that’s when I hit on a Manhattan Loft inspired design to make the most of his small bedroom.


Now I know this isn’t exactly my normal style but hey, I’m not a 16 year old boy either! The room needs to meet all his needs. Reflect his style and yet seamlessly blend with the rest of the house. More than that, somehow I’ve got to shoehorn a bed, seating, storage and a desk into this tiny space. It’s taken some creative thinking and a serious amount of Pinterest research to work this one out I can tell you. So with little to no space to play with the only way to add more square footage is to think of the room in terms of 3 dimensions. Instead of just floor space I need to use the rooms height to my advantage too.


Manhatten Loft Inspired Small Bedroom

Manhattan Loft Inspired Small Bedroom Drawing Taking Shape

My plan is to create a platform bed for him in a Loft Style. The room has two brick walls which in theory will support three corners and the fourth will be supported by a ladder. That way I can use  the floor space of the room to create a cool hangout vibe. Do people even say cool anymore? Going off on a tangent there’s always a new way to say something’s great isn’t there? I’ve lost track of all the new slang words flying around! I must be getting well old! Before you know it I’ll me wearing those zip up the front ankle boots old ladies wear with the fake sheepskin lining! I might even buy a tabbard! But only if it’s nylon baby!


Manhatten Loft Inspired Small Bedroom

Manhattan Loft Inspired Small Bedroom Drawing – I hasten to Add Not to Scale!

Before I go ahead with making the bed or finalising the design, I do have a dilemma. Youngest RFW wants a brick wall. Now I’m not sure that’s going to work though. Firstly the part of the house his bedroom is in is a 1920’s extension. And some of the houses surrounding us from that time are built from white brick. Not the nicest! Secondly the room has a picture rail and I think the only way a bare brick way will look good is if it goes from floor to ceiling. The problem is, I do believe we are custodians of old houses and to rip out the picture rail feels wrong. In fact it fills me with horror! We could wallpaper but I love the idea of Tin Tiles too.


I have another dilemma too! And that’s how to fund it. His current bedroom furniture is now around seven years old. It was perfect for a nine year old. But for someone who can drive as of next year it’s down right embarrassing! The only thing in the room that can remain is his computer. The rest is just far too babyish. However you chew it up and spit it out. It’s always going to look like a weak attempt to turn a sows ear into a silk purse. No roll of wallpaper, however expensive can transform it. It’s time to give it away, let someone else use it and start again. So keen is youngest RFW to get this next project underway he’s happy to sleep on one of the sofa’s whilst the work is in, as they say, progress.


Manhattan Loft Inspired Small Bedroom

Manhattan Loft Design Wishlist For A Small Bedroom

1. Wickham Industrial 2 Seater Sofa From Cult Furniture  2. Tradititional Tin Tiles From Rockett St George   3. Marshall Wireless Speaker from  4. Jersey Duvet Cover Set in Charcoal from H&M  5. Ziv Side Table in Grey and Walnut from  6. Ivar Cupboards from Ikea  7. Morpho Tripod Floor Lamp from Iconic Lights  8. Smedley Steampunk 3 Way Fitting from Iconic Lights  9. Jax Office Chair from Cult Furniture  10. Tobias Black Metal Mirror from Maisons Du Monde  11. Manufacture Solid Mango Wood and Metal Desk from Maisons Du Monde


Well here it is, the small bedroom design we’ve come up with together inspired by a Manhattan Loft . Remember that youngest RFW is autistic so we’ve paid close attention to his sensory needs too so the palette is quite neutral. Not too over stimulating. When I redesign any room I always think of it from an autism perspective first and foremost. Sensory needs come first and everything else follows. So what do you think? I’ve really enjoyed putting my rusty design skills back to work. And what about our wishlist/mood board too? The if money was no object (well within reason) what shall we spend it on list. It will be interesting to see moving forwards how I can replicate the feel without breaking the bank. Oh, I do so feel a spend versus spree post coming up once I reveal the room.


So, am I missing anything? Do you think a Manhattan Loft approach is inspired for a small bedroom? All suggestions are most welcome, just pop a comment below. And, as a final thought, what exactly do I do about the brick wall dilemma? I’m not afraid of the hard work but I’m just not sure it will work, are you?


UPDATE!! The room is now complete, if you would like to see the reveal, here it is I even added DIY shutters to the final design x



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