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Your Guide to Designing From a Sensory Experience With Painthouse

The TV corner in my bedroom

As many of you know designing from a sensory perspective is concept very close to my heart so you can imagine how over the moon I was when Painthouse asked me to write a ‘Your Guide’ to create this experience for yourself. I was lucky enough to work with Painthouse a few months ago on eldest RFW’s bedroom. Creating a Glam Man Cave worthy of a 22 year old. Sadly it’s not quite ready yet as funds have run dry. But I’m hoping to reveal the room to you  very shortly once I sell a kidney or one of the children that is. Or maybe sell their kidneys, they’ve had less alcohol abuse than mine!


Your Guide to Designing From a Sensory Experience With Painthouse


Now if you haven’t heard about Painthouse yet, errrr, hello!! Get with the programme. They make the most wonderful paints. And are just about as environmentally friendly as you can get when it comes to paint. I won’t go on and on at you about why you should give them a try but let’s just say I don’t think you will be disappointed. They are AMAZINGGGG! Needless to say I have a post all about them if you want to take a read. Washable, almost fragrance free, pet and child friendly. The list goes on and on as to why they are the brand for me.


RFW Loves Painthouse


So when they asked me to write a piece for their website with ‘Your Guide to Designing From a Sensory Experience With Painthouse as their brief you can imagine I was itching to make a start. I’ve written a lot about sensory design as a mum of 2 autistic sons it’s a subject I’m very interested in and always keen to know more. Sensory design has moved on in recent years. There are now architectural guidelines in America to help build spaces that not only help people on the spectrum but us neurotypicals too. I’m fascinated by the guidelines created by ASPECTSS Design Index.


The Autism ASPECTSS™ Design Index is the first set of evidence based design guidelines worldwide. Created to address built environments for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Developed with over a decade of research it comprises of seven criteria proposing to be facilitative for ASD design. Use it as both an assessment and design development tool.


As I say, I am passionate about Interior Design. But it’s only in the last few years that I started approaching it from a more holistic angle. I love exploring the concept and learn something new all the time. There’s lots of research out there now and sensory interior design is definitely growing in popularity. I’d love you to head on over to Painthouse for a read. I do so hope you enjoy it. And find it helpful too.


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