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Choosing the Right Kitchen Worktop With Melanie Lissack

Choosing the Right Kitchen Worktop With Melanie Lissack

Are you about to revamp your kitchen? Maybe you’re thinking about a complete refit? Or perhaps you just want to give it a freshen up. Whatever the job whether big or small chances are at some point you will start thinking about the whole host of choices out there when it comes to kitchen worktops! Well look no further because Melanie Lissack Interiors has created a perfect guide on choosing the right kitchen worktop for you.

This piece is invaluable if you’re about to revamp your kitchen. Informative and well written I think this guide will be around for many years helping us serial DIYers do our thing. Melanie was kind enough to include a picture of my kitchen too along with a quote. My own worktops are Granite. So when I gave my kitchen a revamp they were always staying! Unbelievably they’ve been fitted for an amazing 18 years! Here’s what I had to say.


“Plonk a hot pan on it, make pastry on it, it’s brilliant. It doesn’t stain and all in all it has more than paid for itself”


Thank you Melanie Lissack for including me in Choosing the Right Kitchen Worktop. It’s such a fabulous and helpful post. If you haven’t seen it please do click on the link in the first paragraph and go have a read. I promise you won’t regret it. Maybe leave a comment too! There’s nothing a blogger loves more than a comment.


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