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My 2019 Wish List – Part 2

My 2019 Wish List - Part 2

Well now the boring list is out of the way, this is the fun list. My more exciting 2019 Wish List, the part 2 version! If you read my last post then you will know there’s a list as long as both my arms (legs, head, actually all my body parts and more) of DIY’s that need doing around this old money pit in the next 12 months. It didn’t make for the most visually appealing post but it helped me to really hone in on the massive amount that needs doing. I’m not sure if I’m more frightened of the list or confident now that at least I’ve said out it out loud. Someone might need to email the post to Mr RFW though because I haven’t told him all of my plans as yet!


As I said in my last post old houses are an opportunity to blow money! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love this house to bits! And if there’s any spare month at the end of the cash then my creative side is literally itching to get her hands on it! I have a mind buzzing with ideas and can’t wait to crack on with some decorating. Along with the serial faffing that goes with it. I’ve already talked about the plans I have for Youngest RFW’s room.  I’m tackling it myself but I’m not sure I have the skill set and don’t want to end up with a bed that collapses the first night he sleeps in it. *UPDATE* Completed in April, check out the before and after here.


So what’s next on the list? Well we have 4 bedrooms and all of them need titivating to some degree or another, mine included. The walls and ceiling in my bedroom are all good. But the floor isn’t wearing as well so I’ve already given it a new lick of paint. The furniture’s had a little update too. The paintwork was a little tired and the handles have seen better days. It’s not been a major overhaul, just enough to give the room a new lease of life. I should have done it ages ago to be honest. I’ve fallen back in love with it. I’d like some more artwork for the walls too. But that may not be in my budget. Car boot sales will be trawled religiously once the weather warms up!


My 2019 Wish List - Part 2


So that’s bedroom two! Bedroom three is that of Middle RFW. Now this room needs a major amount of work! Firstly there’s blown plaster in two places. None of the furniture is salvageable, I mean he’s still in a bunk bed and he’s 18! The ceiling is cracked and the carpet is threadbare. I kid you not! This room is a cluster f*ck.  I actually don’t have a clue where to start with this room. Every time I think about what to do with it my mind goes blank and I descend into panic mode! So reminding myself that this is the year I’m being kind to me I’m brushing over this one for the mo. I’m sure inspiration will hit at some point! Hopefully before Middle RFW is celebrating his 40th!! At least that gives me 22 years to find my inspiration.


Ok, so next we’re on to bedroom number four. It’s always a good idea to decorate a house from the top down to reduce mess and cleaning which is why I’ve started upstairs and I’m working my way back down. The final room on My 2019 Wish List – Part 2 is oldest RFW’s room. Again this room needs major work. It has holes in the walls and cracks in the ceiling. I  halfheartedly made a start on it last year but never got beyond removing the carpet, restoring a beautiful old cast iron bed and re upholstering a chair (in velvet, one of 2019 interior design predictions). This in my defence is partly due to eldest RFW not letting me in to make a start because he knows he’s going to have to sleep in the sitting room for the duration of the revamp. ** UPDATE** Completed in May.


My 2019 Wish List - Part 2


Finally, well that is apart from titivating and faffing to my hearts content the hall, stairs and landing are having a makeover too , as well as the vestibule. I love how light it is but OMG!! It shows up every spot of dirt, every dog hair! And it’s just like a long winding corridor, you can’t call it a room, I need to inject some visual interest. Oh, and I hate, let me say that again, hate! The light fittings we have.


I loved them when I bought them but they feel really twee to me now. So they’re going and being replaced with these beauties from Dwell. I picked them up half price in the sale so that’s a win. I can’t wait to show you all my plans for this space and will be creating a post specifically for it. *UPDATE* The vestibule was finished in March. And the Hall, stairs and landing in May. I have been a busy bee!


So there you have it, my wish list, parts 1 and 2 for 2019. I’m not gonna lie, I have set myself an enormous challenge but I’m never happier than when I’m either sat on my horse or decorating so although it’s most definitely a challenge I’m up for. How about you? What are your decorating plans for the coming year? Are you a go with the flow kinda decorator? Or like me do you like to plan well in advance?


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